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Goa Party Agenda

Agenda is now repaired since 24/12/12, you can post. Sorry for long time agenda is not accessible
A new agenda will change soon with one version with more possibilities

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Total Number GoaParty in Database: 287

Name of the party: BEAT ON THE BEACH 2006
Date Start Party : 13 abril 2006 1pm
Date End Party : 16 abril 2006
Location (Country) : Mexico
Entry: 0 €
Musical style: Trance-Goa
Organization: Trizko
Thanks to:
Hotline : 01800 813 1800
Flyers :
Live acts :
Infected Mushroom bne, israel (CONFIRMED) Hallucinogen twisted records, inglaterra (CONFIRMED) GMS spun records, ibiza (CONFIRMED) Astrix hommega productions, israel (CONFIRMED) Shpongle (featuring Simon Posford - dj set) twisted records, inglaterra (CONFIRMED) Younger Brothers twisted records, inglaterra (CONFIRMED) Prometheus twisted records, inglaterra (CONFIRMED) Kindzadza parvati records, rusia (CONFIRMED) Hypersonic phonokol records, israel (CONFIRMED) Visual Paradox com.pact records, israel (CONFIRMED) Tron liquid records, mexico (CONFIRMED) Anti.Gravity catalyst records, mexico (CONFIRMED)

Dj's Line up :
DJS: Yasser (dj set) spun records, brasil (CONFIRMED) Simon Posford twisted records, inglaterra (Por Confirmar) Arturo maia records, mexico (CONFIRMED) Duvdev bne, israel (CONFIRMED) Erez bne, israel (CONFIRMED) Ritkam spun records, ibiza (CONFIRMED) Bansi spun records, ibiza (CONFIRMED) Avi Shmailov hommega productions, israel (CONFIRMED) Bog com.pact records, israel (CONFIRMED) Yoni Salah phonokol records, israel (CONFIRMED) Leo parvati records, rusia (CONFIRMED) Tron liquid records, mexico (CONFIRMED) Alcione tzolkin, mexico (CONFIRMED) Rhyno catalyst records, mexico (CONFIRMED) Belenus digital dose, mexico (CONFIRMED) Hoffman sick records, mexico (CONFIRMED) Kechu spun records-massive trance, mexico (CONFIRMED) Kali Arikta kolectiva-baaxten, mexico (CONFIRMED) Krilin shiva delirium, mexico (CONFIRMED) Maldek spun records-massive trance, mexico (CONFIRMED) Nino com.pact records-massive trance, mexico (CONFIRMED) Peachy ismerai, mexico (CONFIRMED) Psychotic massive trance, mexico (CONFIRMED) PsyJhonC freelance, mexico (CONFIRMED) PsyPro freelance, mexico (CONFIRMED) Zitter freelance, mexico (CONFIRMED)

More Info :
SERVICIOS: . 150,000 watts rms . 36 sistemas lineales . 2 Pantallas gigantes con circuito cerrado laterales . 1 Megapantalla Central en el escenario . Iluminación inteligente . Show laser . Servicios médicos . Seguridad pública y privada . Barra de alimentos y bebidas . Baños limpios

Deco and visuals :
MINIMAL Miguel Rechy mexico (CONFIRMED) Sepul mexico (CONFIRMED) Pier mexico (CONFIRMED) VJS/CIRCUITO CERRADO: Dakini alternative channel, mexico (CONFIRMED) Bitz SAFE Entertainment - alternative channel, mexico (CONFIRMED) Fraktalik alternative channel-liquid records uk, mexico (CONFIRMED) Vic Bang 7 Cielos- alternative channel, mexico (CONFIRMED) Maldek SAFE Enterteinment - spun records- alternative channel -massive trance, mexico (CONFIRMED) Taber spun records- alternative channel -massive trance, mexico (CONFIRMED) Lulla-tui trance-it crew, mexico (CONFIRMED) DECO: Deliria mexico (CONFIRMED)

Type :
Open Air
Insert Date :
21/03/2006 at 01:38


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