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Goa Party Agenda

Agenda is now repaired since 24/12/12, you can post. Sorry for long time agenda is not accessible
A new agenda will change soon with one version with more possibilities

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Name of the party: OZORA FESTIVAL 2007
Date Start Party : 8 August,2007
Date End Party : 12 August,2007
Address (with City): Ozora,(where the 99 solipse happened)
Location (Country) : Hungary
Entry: 50 €
Musical style: Trance-Goa
Organization: ozora festival
Website: Http://
Thanks to:
Hotline :
Flyers :
Live acts :
O.Z.O.R.A Festival 2007 August 8-12,2007 Ozora,Hungary (Same place as the 99 Solipse) Main Stage Live acts: Atmos (Digital Structures) – SWE Allaby (Nano Records) – UK CPC (Manic Dragon Records) - RUS Cosmosis (Transient/Holophonic Records) – UK Derango (Parvati Records) – SWE Echotek (BNE Records) – ISR Hallucinogen (Twisted Records) – UK Human Blue (Transient Records) - SWE Kindzadza (Osom Music/Parvati Records) - RUS Laughing Buddha (Nano Records) – UK Liquid Soul (Iboga Records) - CH Man With No Name (Dragonfly Records) – UK Para Halu (Parvati Records) – HUN Polaris (Neurobiotic Records) – FR Prometheus (Twisted Records) – UK Silicon Sound (Neurobiotic Records) – FR Talamasca (Mind Control Records) – FR Ticon (Digital Structures) – SWE Transwave (3D vision Records) – FR Tristan (Twisted Records) – UK Kalumet (Halu beats) - HUN Colorstar (Independent) – HUN

Dj's Line up :
Main Stage Dj sets: Alpha ( –GER Ans (Nano Records) –UK Allaby (Nano Records) –UK Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records) – IT James Monro (Tropical Beats) – UK L’Elf (Turbo Trance Records) – FR Natan (Inpsyde Media/Parvati Rec.) – IT Peter Didjital (Digital Structures) –SWE Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) – UK Slater (Tribal Vision Records) – CZ Simon pieman (Tribe of Frog/Phar-Psyde records Chill Stage Live acts: Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) - FR Carbon Based Lifeforms (Ultimae Records) - SWE OTT (Twisted Records)- UK Atati (Transcarpathiarts) – UA Cord (Chi Recordings) – HUN Turbopauza (Independent) – HUN Tanu Tuva – HUN Kalumet in Dub (Halu beats) – HUN Neumatic (Homelab) – HUN Chill Stage Dj sets: Shpongle (Twisted Records) – UK OTT (Twisted Records)- UK Nanda (Chillosophy Music) –C/SWE Simon B (Twisted Records) – UK Simon H (Twisted Records) – UK

More Info :
more info soon or visit our website at

Deco and visuals :
Tribe of Frog Inside us all

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