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United Nations of Trance

United Nations of Trance

Started by usta, 06 October 2005 à 15:55:44

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New cd's by usta israel:

United Nations of Trance is an ambitious project that’s celebrates the world of trance music.
Trance is global language, a language that haves the power to unite all human beings.
People from all over the world dance to this music, a good party will mix music from all the known trance territories.
Our project demonstrates the unity of all the trance regions and the diversity of excretions that’s unique for each country we visit.

United nations of trance Russia Compilation/by dj g-light

USTA strikes again with a series of compilations from all around the globe.
This comp is out from Russia and it is include nine massive tracks, which selected carefully by G-light. Almost all the tracks were made by young talented projects, which present their fresh materials in this compilation.

The compilation starts with a fantastic remix for the hit of G-light - Dance Of The Morning Sun. The remix is made by Bukara with participation of G-light (Max Vishnevsky). It begins with the familiar melody of the original version and than a powerful kick get in. A melodic tune with a lot of emotions and feelings, exactly like we all like to hear.

After a happy beginning, the things turn to be more serious.
Hologram are Igor Mishenko and Herman Grach. This duo created here a dance-floor bomb, which called - Fullomatic Motions.
A wicked production without many melodies, the track is always in full motion and it has a scary vocal in the middle, which add more mysterious and power to the track.

The next track is come from the Russian project – Neospherix (Ivan Iline and Vikenty Sotnikov). Their tune, Neosphere, is an excellent one – many games with the baseline together with funky effects and catchy melody.

The 4th track is called The Story, which made by Artem Kuznetsov a.k.a Hyper Synapse. Here you can listen to fast kick, which give a good building to the whole track, together with it there are some good melodies with a goa influences. This tune can easily work on every dance-floor anytime.

Message is a result of cooperation between two projects - Digital Somadhy (Alex Kurbatov) vs. Hyper Synapse. Alex and Artem produced a groovy track with fat kick, very uplifting and special. The tempo is going up and down a few times and a lot of good energies are in the air – well done!

Track number six is called What Inside Me, the man behind this tune is Evgeniy Prokhorov or on his stage name Ultratech. Brilliant track with a lot of danceable riffs such as – the short guitar after one minute and the “what inside me” sample which repeat it-self several times.

Alexander Sulima’s track - Under Glass is the next one. His tune is full of surprises - nothing is expected. Smart building on the first 4 minutes and than everything is come out, all the chaos and the madness is take control. Sulima is a very special project with some magic, which not hidden on every artist.

The 8th track is different than the others – more funky and groovy. It made by two talented guys - Nick Klimencko and Herman Grach - Secret Trick. The track’s name is Triplet Trick.
The atmosphere in the track is positive with many cool elements that give to the listener a fun feeling, which is always a good thing.

Last, but no least, is the track Solar System: Part-2 of Zirrex (Andrey Alexandrov). Beautiful melodies that force you listen to the track until the last second and take part on the experience. To sum it up, this is a stirring tune, which leave us with taste for more.
Untied nations of trance Germany Compilation/by alex nok

United Nations of Trance is a new series of compilations from all around the world, which release on the Israeli label – U.S.T.A Records. The Germany edition is compiled by Alex Dorkian (N.O.K).
Alex started to play in 1995 and he played almost all over the world. His taste in music is powerful melodic full-on. Nowadays, Alex is working on his new album shich coming soon on U.S.T.A Records.

The Germany compilation contains 8 tracks, which selected carefully by Alex.
On the compilation, most of the tracks belongs to new comers, such as: Psytrain (Patrick, Manuel and Wolfgang) and Liquid Space. Some of the tracks made by some side projects of well known artists, like – Tulk, it’s Tim Rusken one of the Optokoppler guys and Cryptical Vibes, a new Project of Alex Dorkian (NOK) and Partrick Hinz and Manule Dempewolf (Psytrain). Neelix (Henrik Twardzik) and Optokoppler (Tim Rusken & Oliver Schmidt) from Hamburg are also take part on this compilation.

The line of the compilation is clear - serious materials straight to the dance floor which easily can dance any kind of crowd, power is the key word in the Germany compilation. Any track includes the unique style of the project, which made it, like Neelix and his typical Hamburg style and Optokoppler with their massive style on full power.

Zoo-b 4

Zoo-b 4 is the fourth part on Zoo-b’s series compilations. The last three parts were very successful and sold many copies all around the world. Zoo-B 4 is compiled by DJ Mid (Assaf Miara) and Zoo-B him self.
The compilation contains 9 unreleased tracks which created by some promising artists such as
Zoo-B volume 4, offers you a different view into the trance scene – psychedelic trance combined with full on and some progressive sound.   

The compilation is start with a powerful tune of Nok. The tune is come with a groove baseline and some nice melodies in, like Alex typical style. Next to come is Optokoppler with the track “Dance”, this one is more deep and down tempo but still the magic is not disappear. The third tune belongs to Magical Sex and it is a dance floor bomb – fat kick with fun elements and amazing playing in the last two minutes, which take the track few levels up. Enzio is responsible for “Inside The House” , here you can find an excellent building until the end when everything comes out and the chaos is take control. Track no. 5 is a definitely different than the other tracks, it has something special and unique which made by Genetic Spin.
The 6th track called “Magic Power” and it belongs to Narkotix, it is kind of combination between progressive and full on, and include some highlight moments, which gives full energy to the body.
Miditec -“Dance 2 The Beat”, is the seventh tune on this compilation and here it is possible to find Miki’s new style, it means massive baseline with full power.
Hanan Biton a.k.a Psytekk with his remix to System Nipel’s track -  “Radiance”, is the next one. The remix is start with a short playing and than Psytekk’s powerful kick get in, from here everything is going up to the sky, no limits just dance.
The last track is “Mystery of Time” of Magoon. This one is so beautiful and brilliant – positive atmosphere all over the track and some happy melodies turn this track to use a happy end for this story, which called – Zoo-b Vol. 4.

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