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OUT NOW!! V/A - Spectral Resonance [Phonix Records]

OUT NOW!! V/A - Spectral Resonance [Phonix Records]

Started by phonix, 10 June 2017 à 20:32:01

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Title: V/A - Spectral Resonance
Label: Phonix Records
Cat no. : PHODIGI018
Format: Digital download
Release Date: 2 June 2017(Beatport 2 Week Exclusive)
World Wide Release: 16th June 2017

Track 4 mastered by Sebliminal Productions, UK
All other tracks mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering Studios, South Africa

Artwork by Paulo Etnarama

Resonance is the phenomenon whereby a sound played at just the right frequency, the resonant frequency, is amplified and manifested physically in neighboring objects. The greater the resonance, the greater the amplification. Deejays Space Byrd and Ishikawa sought to explore this phenomenon of making objects, particularly people, move through sound waves. Over a year in the making, the two worked together and gathered talents from across the globe - South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, United Kingdom, Mexico and Spain - to create the 'Spectral Resonance' experiment.

Their experiment starts with Contrast's (South Africa), 'Hear Myself Thinking', a slow introspective groover that helps open listeners' sonic receptors receive resonant frequencies. Once completed, it is time to experience 'Intensity' from the combined forces of the legendary Killer Buds (Brazil)and Corrosive System (Brazil). Things take a spooky turn and the transfer of sonic energy reaches a perfect resonance. What follows next is amplification, with the help of Infektion's (Portugal) epic, 'Legacy'. It is at this point that listeners start to feel the dancefloor zombie within taking over.

A moment of clarity is introduced through Systematic Audio's (UK) '300 Years'. A serious monster that helps explore the primal force that is sound. Not to be outdone, Phonix regular Omega Flight (UK) pushes this idea further with his 'Revenge of the Fallen' - a mechanical exploration on the power of resonance.

It is time to level up, an apt point to introduce the newest member of the Phonix Records family - Terrorbyte (South Africa) - and his explosive 'Legend27'. Sinister vibes laced with haunting melodies, sonic control of dancefloor zombies is complete. Ctrl Z3ta (Mexico) and Dj Meskita (Portugal) next take control to turn dancefloor zombies into unrelenting dancefloor robots with 'Robocop'. Phonix regulars Psycho System (Spain) further resonate with subjects to infuse them with their hypnotic 'Dark Essence'. Ctrl Z3ta's powerful remix of X-Avenger's (Mexico) 'Serial Killer' continues to play mayhem with listeners' sonic receptors.

As the experiment approaches its end, Space Byrd and Ishikawa begin to ease listeners with a dose of 'Gravity', a psychedelic beast from Singularity (South Africa). With the help of master Akros (Mexico), energy levels are carefully fine-tuned with the unrelentingly groovy 'Kronos'. Leading us to reflect on our findings, Aquedeux (South Africa) helps realize the 'Conscious Symbiotic Evolution', the realization that resonance is a journey of minds  those of the resonators, and of the resonated.

The Phonix Records crew thank the featured artists, friends and fans for the continued patience and support. We are proud to continue our mission of showcasing proper twilight psytrance and share with the world our vision of the genre. Come experience with us - Spectral Resonance!


1. Contrast - Hear Myself Thinking 144 BPM
Written and produced by Conor James Steed at Contrast Studio, South Africa

2. Killer Buds vs. Corrosive System - Intensity 145 BPM
Written and produced by Marcelo Espindola, Tarcisio Mainardi and Marco Ragusa at Killer Buds Studio, Brazil

3. Infektion - Legacy 145 BPM
Written and produced by Bruno Lopes at Infektion Studio, France

4. Systematic Audio - 300 years 146 BPM
Written and produced by Sebastian Memmott and Pedro Ferreira at Systematic Audio Studio, United Kingdom

5. Omega Flight -Revenge of the Fallen 146 BPM
Written and produced by Derren Nuttall at Omega Flight Studio, United Kingdom

6. Terrorbyte - Legend27 147 BPM
Written and produced by Guy Peters-Hollenberg at Terrorbyte Studio, United Kingdom

7. Ctrl Z3ta vs Meskita - Robocop 147 BPM
Written and produced by Ricardo Morales at Ctrl Z3ta Studio, Mexico and Andre Coelho at Meskita Studio, Portugal

8. Psycho System - Dark Essence 147 BPM
Written and produced by David Iglesias and Sergio Cano at Psycho System Studio, Spain

9. X-Avenger - Serial Killer (Ctrl Z3ta RMX) 147 BPM
Originally written and produced by Fevek Arveo at X-Avenger Studio, Mexico
Remixed by Ricardo Morales at Ctrl Z3ta Studio, Mexico

10. Singularity - Gravity 147 BPM
Written and produced by Andre Muller at Singularity Studio, South Africa

11. Akros - Kronos 146 BPM
Written and produced by Fernando Miranda at Akros Studio, Mexico

12. Aquedeux - Conscious Symbiotic Evolution 145 BPM
Written and produced by Robyn De Jager at Aquedeux Studio, South Africa

Track 9 released with permission from X-Avenger

SAMPLES: ance-compiled-by-ishikawa-and-space-byrd

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