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29.08-02.09.2012 - TaNgRa festival @ Bulgaria

29.08-02.09.2012 - TaNgRa festival @ Bulgaria

Started by ras_kelt, 06 March 2012 à 21:25:40

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Main Stage:


Aegolius (Biijah rec., Macedonia)
Ajja (Peak rec., Switzerland)
Arjuna (Parvati rec., Italy)
Atreus (Greece)
Asoma (Bulgaria)
Atriohm (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
Cosmosophy (Elestial rec., the UK) - concert
Crystal Monkey (Elestial rec., the UK)
Delirium Theatre (Greece)
Dsompa  (Peak rec., Germany) 
Encephalopaticys (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
Flooting Grooves (Peak rec., the UK)
Fractal Error (Sonic Chakras rec., Greece)
Goch (Real Vision Music / Treetrolla rec., Macedonia)
The Light Shifter (Elestial rec., the UK)
Kliment (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Looney (Greece)
Loopus in Fabula (Fabula rec., Italy)
Magic Seeds (Sonic Chakras rec., Macedonia)
Once Upon a Time (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Psystein (Bulgaria)
Quarantine (Russia)
Samodelia (Artmospheric, Bulgaria) - concert
Surbahar (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Via Axis (Brasil)
Yudhisthira (Vertigo rec., Macedonia)


604fx (Sonic Chakras rec., Russia)
Atriohm (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
Arjuna (Parvati rec., Italy)
Atreus (Greece)
Asoma (Bulgaria)
Butterfly (Russia)
Cosmic Cowboy (Germany)
Cinnamint (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Dina & Shev (Elestial rec., Macedonia)
Djehuty (Pixelfreaks, Brazil)
Dsompa (Peak rec., Germany)
Edenea (Turkey)
Encephalopaticys (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
Fog (Looney Moon rec./Peak rec., Italy)
Govinda (Peak rec./Believe, Italy)
Komarchiki (Sonic Chakras rec., Russia)
Kundalini (Bulgaria)
Mara Moon (Believe, Switzerland)
Mikel (Digital Shiva Power/Believe, Italy)
Nagual (Discovalley rec., Greece)
Prokoll (Feeless, Russia)
Stealth (Sonic Chakras rec., Russia)
Surbahar (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Trikoze (Bulgaria)
Tripitale (Bulgaria)
Venzak (Bulgaria)



Alwoods (Altar rec., Greece)
Alpha-Tek & Nortoel (Ultimae rec.,Greece)
Chillsome (Peak rec., Switzerland)
Chitoon (Russia)
Dream Stalker (Sundoz lab., Russia)
Dymons (Elestial rec., the UK)
Irukanji (Sentimony rec., Ukaine)
Flooting Grooves (Peak rec., the UK)
Hypnotic Wave (Macedonia) - concert
Maharishi (Bulgaria)
Master Margherita (Switzerland)
Kliment (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Okapi (Italy)
Oxya (Adapted rec., Greece)
Pixelfreaks (Brazil)
Surbahar (Artmospheric., Bulgaria)
TubeFx Project (Artmospheric.,Bulgaria) - concert
Uchu (Russia)
ZZZ Fluxus (Spain) - concert


Anub1s (Atmospheric/Spiritech rec., Macedonia)
Alkan Ruller (Greece)
AuroraX (Bulgaria)
Bäveria (Sweeden)
Butterfly (Jolly Fill music, Russia)
Cinnamint (Bulgaria)
Dina & Shev (Macedonia)
Djane Roua (Spacesheep, Romania)
Dj Latam (Thrancians/Spacesheep, Romania)
Elastic Vision (Cyprus)
Exo (Bulgaria)
Fog (Italy)
Fub (Russia)
Johnny Blue (Cyprus)
Kelt (Russia)
Komarchiki (Russia)
Kundalini (Bulgaria)
Loopus in Fabula (Fabula rec., Italy)
Master Margherita (Peak rec., Switzerland)
Maharishi (Bulgaria)
Memoide (Bulgaria)
Mind Criminal (Australia)
Mystical Prana (Russia)
Omni (Macedonia)
Orlovskiy (Sentimony rec., Ukraine)
Perforator (Hypnotic Impression Family, Russia)
Spacely (Russia)
Stealth (Russia)
Stoyan (Bulgarian)
Tamara (Macedonia)
Tuatara (Trimurti rec., Belarus)
Therapist (Bulgaria)
Trillobeat (Vertigo rec., Russia)
Vlastur (Sonic Loom rec., Greece)

Sound system:


Free Trance Form (Russia)
Ihtianderson (Ukraine)
Kelt  (Russia)
Looney Moon  (Italy)
Synops Effect  (Russia)
Quantum Tribe  (Russia)


  Ihtianderson (Ukraine)
  Looney Moon gallery (Italy)


  Circoloko Alucianaes (Brasil)
  Tal (Israel)
  Imaginarium (Russia)


Georgi Christov (Bulgaria)
Cristobal (Norway)
Stoyan Stoyanov (Bulgaria)
Todorwarp (Bulgaria)
ZZZ Flux (Spain)

  Pirin mountains of Bulgaria. Sandanski region.
  200 km from Sofia (Bulgaria)
  140 km from Thessaloniki (Greece)
  280 km from Skopje (Macedonia)


  14.03-01.04 - 30 ,
  01.04-01.06 - 40 ,
  01.06-20.08 - 55 ,

  Full price:
  On gates - 75 ,

  From Bulgaria.
  From Greece.
  From Macedonia.
  Please send us your requests for festival shuttle buses.


Uno insulte pleaseates:

We are pleased to announce that the compositions of artists on the main stage and alternative stage fully formed.

Added some new performances, decoration teams & vj`s.

Added info abou transfer.


Hello Tangrians! Hope everything is going peacefull and brightfull!
We'd like to inform you that you have only last 3 days to buy Tangra tickets for 40 euros.
From 1st of June price up to 55 euros.


Art at Tangra festival.


The festival will be held on the territory full of art-installations and expositions of modern artists (visionary-art) in compliance with main decorations.

Free Trance Form (Russia)
Ihtianderson (Ukraine)
Kelt  (Russia)
Looney Moon  (Italy)
Synops Effect  (Russia)
Quantum Tribe  (Russia)
Yanis (Latvia) - wooden sculptures


Visionary art is an integral art direction with no limits. It can’t be defined as a discrete movement. Visionary elements have no time, place or style restrictions. In traditional cultures this direction appears in temples, churches, monuments construction, icons, sculptures creation, rituals and festivals. Visionary art is an expression of transpersonal and mystilevels of consciousness. It is an ancient ‘original art’, aimed at rising interest and respect to mystery and new vision of timeless values, regardless of nonconstant matrix of cultures. The art is based on the willingness to help mankind comprehend ‘the main aspect of infinity’ (according to Blake).

Persanal exhibition by Ihtianderson (Ukraine).
Visionary art gallery by Loony Moon (Italy).


Circoloko Alucianaes (Brasil)
Wormhole: fluors personages with light juggling and hoolahoops, acrobalance and trapeeze.
Monmatia: Fire show - acrobactics movements with batons, Cristal Ball, Hollahoops, Clubs and Fans.

Tal (Israel) - Contemprorary dance.
Imaginarium (Russia) - Fire and neon show.


Georgi Christov (Bulgaria)
Cristobal (Norway)
Stoyan Stoyanov (Bulgaria)
Todorwarp (Bulgaria)
ZZZ FLUX (Spain)


We are glad to announce the road to Tangra location with details from closed citys.

Detailed information how to get to the event.

Sandanski region, Polenitsa village.
Tangra Festival 2012 will take a place at ex-Residence of Todor Zhivkov.
The festival is situated in a hill place called 'Sveti Vrach' not so far from the small city Sandansky.

In new location we have many places under the shades to relax, good spot for dancing and the best view of mountains surround.

Travel by car.
The GPS coordinates to festival are 41.578599, 23.29711.

Route.        Accomodation.        Location.

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