Xamanist - Out of Time [ALBUM]: Out now on SY Records

Started by Xamanist, 16 September 2019 à 19:49:22

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Artist: Xamanist

Album: Out of Time

Label: SY Records

Artwork: Peter Paxx

Release date: September 16th 2019

Samples: Out of Time on SoundCloud

Buy it here: Out of Time on Beatport

I have the pleasure and the excitement to announce that my third album "Out of Time" is out now, released by SY Records on Beatport! 3 years of work and inspiration concluded into 9 diverse tracks that navigate to, from and between the realms of goa, psychedelic and progressive trance.

In every track I experimented something diferent: diverse approaches, sounds and structures. On some of them I consciously intended to target a more oldschool goa aesthetic, on others I let the stories translate into a more modern sound, without any rule other than personal taste and enjoyment.

I hope the thrill that envolved this album's making passes through the music to you in a joyfull way!

As always I welcome any feedback and I thank the time you dedicate to listen to my music. Enjoy :)

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