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Started by Kairoo Records, 09 March 2007 à 03:28:42

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Kairoo Records

Bitkit - 'Logical'

After a well tasted release party, Kairoo Records is proud to present the debut album of Belgian producer Bitkit...

1. Connection
2. Mystic
3. Redemption
4. Release
5. Initialize
6. Logical
7. Skydive
8. Trinidat

Label: Kairoo Records
Cat No: KAI011
Format: Digipack CD
Extra: Sticker, Dj Slip
Release Date: 03.03.2007
Barcode No: 5419999101066

Kicking of with ‘Connection’, the album immediately takes you on a spin! A track filled with melodies and feelings, followed up by ‘Mystic’, an already legendary track, knocked out many dancefloors, busted the charts, ot already licensed by germany’s main man dj Bim and ready to take over the world.Next head filler on this magnificent album is ‘Redemption’, a monster track, combining a solid kick and bass line with a massive sample break, unleashing a melody that’s so catchy it hurts almost…With ‘Release’, the album ceases to continue it’s tight story, get ready to be swept away in an energetic trance, filled with a pushing drive and an hypnotic melody line…Trance with a capital T!! ‘Initialize’, coming towards you on a groovy moving bassline, always forward continues with a breath taking build up and lifts..and lifts your mind up in to extasy! Don’t think ’Logical’ needs any further introduction. Title track of the album, A-side of the smashing hit Ep releases on Kairoo Records, scoring high times in the charts, licensed by YSE and trashes any trance floor all over the world, leaving them with a general smile on its face!!‘Skydive’, a free fall into rhythms and trance, a very floating , enchanting sound takes you on a mental journey over sound waves and skylines. ’Trinidat’ closes the album, starting of with a more crispy sound and takes you into a evolution of trance hymnes and chants..a floating new experience in musical boundaries….Enjoy…

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