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Name: albert Date:
08/09/2017, 07:26

Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!

Name: albert Date:
08/09/2017, 07:05

Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!

Name: China Mobile Accesso Date:
23/07/2017, 20:43
Url:  China

Just have gone thru your site its amazing.

Name: Tom Date:
10/03/2017, 18:18
Url:  UK

I like your music. I got mp3 from friend. So… good luck.. Tom from

Name: DAETHUG Date:
10/06/2016, 16:54
Url:  Belgium

Thank you so much for this INSANE WEBSITE and MUSIC

Name: Aninha Resende Date:
11/02/2016, 01:03
Url:  Brasil

Muito bom encontrar essa página.

Name: Dew Drop [Shishir] Date:
04/09/2015, 01:15
Url:  India

Namaste. Lights And Magic with Peace And Energy From India. Such A Brilliant Page. Thanks A lOt. Ommm Namah Shiva. Boom.

Name: Vyshynskiy Date:
09/03/2015, 22:56
Url:  Ukraine

Thank you for rare trance live acts and Dj sets.

Name: Psychedelic5tu Date:
17/07/2014, 00:42
Url:  USA

Have enjoyed all sets for quite some time now, merci!

Name: Richard Date:
05/12/2013, 10:32
Url:  India

Just have gone thru your site its amazing.

Name: Schizophrend Date:
16/09/2013, 20:39
Url:  USA

I have been hopping between electronic genres for some time now, but thanks to this website I believe that I am now going to focus on Goa, and Progressive Psychedelic Trance full time. Thank you guys for this site, the inspiration, and all that you have done.

Name: Lorenzo Mantovani Date:
20/08/2013, 20:29
Url:  Italia

glad to find this page!

Name: indigoa Date:
25/03/2013, 15:38
Url:  D

love & light

Name: hec Date:
23/03/2013, 19:29

nice allways up good page !!!

Name: Jimmy Date:
02/11/2012, 21:05
Url:  France

Thanx for this good website ;) Best regards

Name: bridal jewelry Date:
24/04/2012, 09:02
Url:  uk

Am excited to be noticed.. It sure feels great!

Name: Ch0mik , Tom-x Date:
29/02/2012, 07:03
Url:  Polska

Great service ... thanks for all the gifts, just do not know how I can repay you ?

Name: Zallouz Date:
28/01/2012, 17:43

Greeting from Tunisia...Land of sahara psychescape !

Name: Kevin Asher Date:
23/01/2012, 18:20
Url:  CostaRica

Jesyn Records was created in 2011 to release quality downtempo, ambient, micropsy, experimental and organic trance music. Based in Keltuonis, dedicated to promoting the growth of trance (and other genres) music in Costa Rica, but we are an open-universe music label. Ω

Name: trancedoe Date:
10/01/2012, 15:58

Trance Radio Stations Online

Name: Claude fernandes Date:
17/12/2011, 17:56
Url:  India

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Name: adam Date:
18/10/2011, 20:03
Url:  france

i like go to party goa but i dont know adress

Name: şafak Date:
09/09/2011, 01:20


Name: Anja Date:
09/08/2011, 20:48
Url:  germany

hey guy! we meet us in belgium on the fractal gate festival. you told me from this website to see the video from the party. i can´t find it. please helf me =) greets from germany AnjA

Name: sohbet Date:
02/08/2011, 20:40
Url:  turk

open i find what im looking for on this site. boooooooooooom

Name: gabi Date:
15/07/2011, 17:10

magnifique les gif, merci pour ce site génial !

Name: GoA girL Date:
10/06/2011, 00:22
Url:  Serbia


Name: Kyle Date:
26/05/2011, 20:06
Url:  United States

Brilliant site, keep up the good work!

Name: Jorge Polanco Date:
27/04/2011, 00:37
Url:  El Salvador

hi, im not sure of the website still running but i just want to thank to this awesome site for all the information and music that is share. Here in my country is really hard to find psytrance, goa, minimal etc. partys, and the only source that i have for enjoy this amazing genre is this website.. thank you so much. bless

Name: roger Date:
20/12/2010, 22:24
Url:  germany

thx for the work you doing for us and also how can i set my artist profile to your side ! greatz,love and light roger

Name: Alex Date:
01/12/2010, 03:29
Url:  Australia

Thanks so much for the downloads! Love from Australia! xo :)

Name: k-nin Date:
13/11/2010, 22:36
Url:  france

dommage que le site ne soit pas actualisé !! radio sympa, mais agenda pauvre !!

Name: Jean Date:
08/11/2010, 10:59
Url:  FR

La radio est pas mal.

Name: root_x Date:
12/10/2010, 00:53
Url:  Ukraine

Philosomatika is no more :( povierennyy_hmarka_net/lou/died.jpg www_psynews_org/forums/index.php?/topic/59483-august-9-2010-died-resource/

Name: Chang Date:
03/09/2010, 07:10

What happend to Philosomatika FFS?

Name: root_x Date:
09/08/2010, 04:58
Url:  Ukraine

--- Bad news: Today, August 9, 2010 died ((

Name: coralie Date:
07/08/2010, 18:59
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Name: Krista Date:
05/07/2010, 20:29
Url:  USA

nice site!

Name: Bluffphonica Date:
25/02/2010, 17:22
Url:  Austria

Greetings from Austria :-)

Name: ainslie Date:
28/01/2010, 11:27
Url:  india

open i find what im looking for on this site. boooooooooooom

Name: kryogenyko Date:
25/12/2009, 03:05
Url:  madrid(españa)

giving thanks for being the world trance. the www is incredible. a great greeting. kryogenyko

Name: BTM-2009 Date:
07/12/2009, 22:06
Url:  DE

thx for the sound........... keep on fire...... ;)

Name: BAD-TASTE Date:
07/12/2009, 22:05

thx for the sound........... keep on fire...... ;)

Name: hearandfeel Date:
19/11/2009, 22:07
Url:  germany

good psytracks at

Name: Tanianta Date:
29/10/2009, 13:30

hey dude how r u doing? long time no c. what happend to u? hope anything is fine and that we will talk on msn soon. so take care of yourself much love & peace to u greetz tanianta OPEN FOR BOOKINGS 3ò

Name: tomrom Date:
16/08/2009, 22:23
Url:  austria

Samsara Trance Festival 2009 at the Castle of Dobra in Lower Austria Multimedia Event at the Ex-Sonnenklang location, September 3 - 6 For the first time after the end of the Sonnenklang Festival in 2007 there will be an electronic music festival in the castle of Dobra in Lower Austria near Vienna again. With an new team of organizers and a new concept the location at the lake of Dobra will again be the meeting point for the trance-lovers from all over the world four days from 3rd until 6th September. For the first Samsara Festival „Samsara 1 – The Beginning“ more than 80 Live-Acts and DJs from Israel, South Africa, Russia and several European countries have been booked. Four stages will be set up around the castle of Dobra. Apart from the main stage located at the lake, there will be a Beatpatrol Stage in the castle, a Spirit Base Stage as well as a Chill-Out area. The range of music will include psytrance, progressive trance, minimal trance, techno and ambient. Many famous names can be found in the line-up: Astral Projection from Israel, Logic Bomb from Sweden, Talamasca and Absolum from France and some Live-Acts from South Africa. Several teams of light artists will create a magic world of colours in the castle of Dobra that has never been seen again in Austria since the last Sonnenklang festival. Many decoration artists will be responsible for the fascinating art objects. Performances with aliens and fairy characters will provide close encounters of the fantastic kind. A multi-colour-laser will create impressions of a space-ship taking off. Energized free drinking water and fresh fruits will be served as well as a camping ground and a market area. Presale has already started. Tickets are available at

Name: kintan Date:
12/06/2009, 01:38
Url:  moroco

destraction is a kind of creation ..........goa

Name: Tanianta Date:
29/04/2009, 16:21

yo dude how r u doing? long time no c. hehe what happend with your side?nothing new in the world? ;) hope to talk to ya soon greetz tanianta OPEN FOR BOOKINGS 3ò

Name: rawchoice Date:
22/03/2009, 18:20
Url: check it out!

Name: rawchoice Date:
22/03/2009, 18:18

heyheyhey, raw-d-sign aka rawchoice has drop some new designs! "buddha 02" just added! hoodies, t-shirts, longsleeves, girliewear one love rawy

Name: jef Date:
17/03/2009, 15:03

PsyTrance Goa Old Skool mixes Dj St-Paul - Live@Metissages-Couleur3 11 07 96 - Switzerland UVW - Live@Leysin Alpes Festival 31 08 96 - Switzerland UVW - Live@MAD-Lausanne - Couleur3 09 05 98 - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - OriginalDAT(RARE)forMetissages Couleur3 - PsyBreaks Mix - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - OriginalDAT(RARE) - Electro Grooves Mix Part III - IV - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - OriginalDAT(RARE)forMetissages Couleur3 - Ethno Grooves Mix - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - OriginalDAT(RARE)forRadio Uzic - Electro Grooves Mix Part I & II - Switzerland Medicine Drum (UK) - Live@Return To The Source 96 - London Solar Quest (UK) - Live@Metissages-Couleur3 25 04 96 - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - Flying Kick Mix Part I(Tape)- Switzerland Dj St-Paul - Organic Mix Part I(Tape)- Switzerland Dj St-Paul - Flying Kick Mix Part II(Tape)- Switzerland Dj St-Paul - Organic Mix Part II(Tape)- Switzerland

Name: x.boombastick.x Date:
06/03/2009, 13:44
Url:  "GOAN"


Name: Bojan Date:
06/03/2009, 11:40
Url:  Serbia

Big hug from Serbia.The best site of the internet !!!!!!!!

Name: raph Date:
26/02/2009, 20:15
Url:  planetE

salut a tous dites est ce que quelquun sais si il ya une party de prevu aux allentours du 16 mai en PACA? merci

Name: Patler Date:
27/01/2009, 21:35
Url:  Finland

U keep it going, discovered this kinda music very late, before didnt know what was my kind--u people getting very close...chins up

Name: WEErUS Date:
14/01/2009, 23:39
Url:  Fuckin´ Germany

HeydiHo friends of electronic sounds Tounge ! We are looking for some harmonic connects all over , please write us Happy !

Name: ViJaY Date:
23/12/2008, 11:46
Url:  india

i listened ur live set music n watched ur video list of goa its really amaZinG... my reQuest is can u list to download more stuff of rhakti dei festival live sets audio of [shiva joerg 2005 n more]......plz do if possible. thnX n greetinGs 4m india...boOmshankaR...

Name: Laurent Dupont Date:
19/11/2008, 19:25
Url:  France

Super ! merci pour ce site

Name: Massa Date:
18/11/2008, 14:18
Url:  Portugal

Great job ;);) Greats from Portugal!!!

Name: Alundra Date:
12/11/2008, 21:37
Url:  France

PSYSURFEUR iS GREAT !!! Can U add my webradio in your radio list, please? NAME: RW DJ RADiO WEBSiTE: htp://myspace .com/rainbow_webradio DESCRiPTiON: Rainbow Webradio, the DJ Radio 1oo% electro dance music STREAM URL: htp://streaming.radionomy .com:8000/Rainbow-Webradio.m3u THANKS A LOT

Name: Chaparro Date:
14/09/2008, 18:19
Url:  Portugal

Boas Trips a todos os seres magicos!!! Boom Shakar!!!

Name: Dr.Anjuna Date:
14/08/2008, 16:32
Url:  goa

why like thees baba,no full power in anjuna any more,but some day shiva will come back fullpower to anjuna.

21/07/2008, 14:10
Url:  uk


21/07/2008, 14:10
Url:  uk


Name: Rahul Date:
20/07/2008, 09:13
Url:  india

fullpower,24hour on shower only shiva power.

Name: Alex Date:
04/06/2008, 04:50
Url:  Serbia

Stay positive as you are. And keep the spirit alive. All the best. Peace.

Name: Mesías Villanueva Date:
03/05/2008, 18:18
Url:  Peru

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Name: Liromo Date:
27/04/2008, 02:25
Url:  UA

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Name: shizofremia Date:
23/04/2008, 21:01
Url:  poland

good side :)

Name: yamaha Date:
17/04/2008, 04:23
Url:  japon

slt a tous ba je suis a la recherche des tubes goa style orienté des année 96 99 est merci a tous

Name: Darkwind Date:
15/04/2008, 02:48
Url:  Morrocco

Vive Psysurfeur !!!!! , Psy à tous !!!!!!!!!!!!! Le Maroc Aussi a ca Psy-Jeunesse !!!!

Name: Goanaut Date:
11/04/2008, 23:02
Url:  Germany

Die Goanauten gruessen alle Freunde der Sonnne!

Name: PIER Date:
03/04/2008, 09:48


Name: amaan Date:
01/04/2008, 16:13
Url:  india

whn is the party in india ?

Name: Richardo Date:
24/03/2008, 12:49
Url:  Swe

Stamp Stamp Damp Keep on Dancing

Name: Tanianta Date:
23/03/2008, 17:17

yo dude long time no c, hope anything is fine ive a question. did u think that ull release another fullmoon dvd from last year???that would be cool. hope to talk to ya soon ;) greetz tanianta WWW.MYSPACE.COM/TANIANTA

Name: Date:
20/03/2008, 12:36

Wünschen allen ein buntes & magisches Osterfest 2008 psychedelische Grüsse

Name: Romanos Melodos Date:
18/03/2008, 02:37
Url:  Greece

I want say a special thank to all! I love this site!! Really love!!

Name: BurnHeaD Date:
27/02/2008, 00:26

I´ll keep on trying... Does anybody of you know the fabulous track on the freedom festival video from min 28:15 further to the end??? Can´t be unreleased, it´s too nice to stay really underground!! Please

Name: utopia proyect Date:
16/02/2008, 21:57
Url:  mexico

k trance ps aka de pasada viendo esta pag shh esta chidaaa pokas komo esta va buena vibra P.L.U.R

Name: Louis Date:
12/02/2008, 18:01
Url:  India

Trance Freak.

Name: Date:
05/02/2008, 19:16
Url:  India

Hey! Thats a very cool site you have built

Name: Kolus Date:
20/01/2008, 00:17
Url:  USA

Hello! Good site! Thanks!

Name: toOope Date:
16/01/2008, 11:59
Url:  Belgium

very nice site amazing :) trance for EVER sOoooo good music for my brain :p Namaste ~604~

Name: Shock-S Date:
15/01/2008, 11:53
Url:  Germany

Greetings from South Germany Dj Shock-S (Galama Events )

Name: Miguel Date:
11/01/2008, 14:00
Url:  Portugal


Name: TZHippie Date:
24/11/2007, 17:03
Url:  Germany

Just a few words : This site is very special . i like the photos and the sound . are there some pic´s from Fusion 2007 ?

Name: Josko kozic Date:
19/11/2007, 20:23
Url:  Germany

hello,i really love this page,its super cool,and i LOVE THE SONG ON THE INTRO OF THIS PAGE,whats the name of the song?pleease,tell it to me,i am trying to find it foor YEAARS.

Name: Berni Date:
15/11/2007, 18:14
Url:  Germany

Still hoping for someone to solve my problem...

Name: Tanianta Date:
13/11/2007, 14:15

wooooooow realy nice fullmoon videos dude, cant wait to c more from the fmf 2007. hope ull bring another dvd for us ;) talk to ya soon on msn hopefully love & peace to ya greetz tanianta 3ò

Name: Berni Date:
28/10/2007, 13:20
Url:  Germany

Wow, can anyboby tell me the name of the track of the freedom festival video from minute 28:15 on further to the end? I love that kind of positive mood reflected by those peaceful melodies:-)

Name: obie 1 Date:
15/10/2007, 06:23
Url:  australia

nice work got some nice misik love@peace obie 1

Name: Segundo Date:
10/10/2007, 19:38
Url:  Costa Rica

Increible site para quebrarse la cabeza con el mejor trance....les sugiero incluir dino psaras+skazi+talamasca..en todas...gracias.

Name: Bruno Candido Date:
25/09/2007, 12:04
Url:  Portugal


Name: Krista Date:
25/09/2007, 09:21
Url:  USSA

nice site!

Name: the hadas Date:
15/09/2007, 01:23
Url:  mexico


Name: Abhishek Date:
22/08/2007, 02:11
Url:  India

Great job ,, heartful thanks to Manu Cheers , Om namah Shivayh

Name: Darkwind Date:
12/08/2007, 04:59
Url:  Morrocco

Vive psysurfeur!!!!!!!!!!! (video,radio,etc...) tout y est Merci!!!!!!!!!

Name: Tanianta Date:
08/08/2007, 12:48

yo dude, i like your side a lot. how was the fullmoon? i wasn there :( but next year we wanna have a BIG fmf 4 sure :D talk to ya on msn ;) love & peace to ya greetz tanianta

Name: rob Date:
08/08/2007, 12:38
Url:  berlin

big site ! boom ... c u .... free goa trance > p s y p i x . o rg

Name: Reflector Date:
19/07/2007, 18:24
Url:  Netherlands

very nice site , i love the movie from rhakti dei 2005 , because ive been there :) dont remember much but it whas a GOOOOOOD weekend :D , keep u the good work :D

Name: Alex Date:
17/07/2007, 06:21
Url:  USA

If it is posible, you guys could make this kind of festivals in USA.

Name: Jose Pablo Mora Mora Date:
11/07/2007, 03:44
Url:  Costa Rica

great website, congratulations

Name: aDoMaX Date:
08/07/2007, 21:04
Url:  Corfu

b00 sou lew

Name: Psyradio Date:
08/07/2007, 21:03
Url:  Greece

piece to everybody

Name: dj MANI Date:
30/06/2007, 13:03


Name: Djmack Date:
28/06/2007, 21:23
Url:  Russia

Îñîáåííî ïîíðàâèëîñü DVD!!!

Name: Djmack Date:
28/06/2007, 21:20
Url:  Russia

Ñïàñèáî áîëüøîå çà âèäåî! Î÷åíü ïîíðàâèëîñü!!! ;-) Ïðîäîëæàé â òîì æå äóõå!!

Name: macy Date:
26/06/2007, 17:21
Url:  germany

super seite!!! und danke für die bereitstellung der dvd´s und video´s =)

20/06/2007, 11:41
Url:  UK

There's a meaning to life afterall. Thankyou for all the fun and hard work you must of made to bring wonder to light.

Name: Date:
16/06/2007, 23:30
Url:  Poland

i like your station so hard, that i got addictd to it! always good psytrance! i love it. i love u guys! dont stop please!!!

Name: Ska Râ B Date:
06/06/2007, 22:57
Url:  France

Hey dud !!! thank u for your website, You has a good page of radio psytrance goa, even more plse. Good vibes 3õ

Name: astral Date:
03/06/2007, 23:08
Url:  Poland

you are the greatest! oby tak dalej!!!

Name: Goazzz Date:
03/06/2007, 00:05
Url:  Greece

Thanx for the videos! And Congrats for your effort! :)

Name: ckloé Date:
13/05/2007, 04:26
Url:  france

coucou! j'ai reconnu 1 ami avec son pote , un petit belge, Alex , je crois! merci pour ce site psysurfeur!!!!

Name: pighead Date:
06/05/2007, 18:41

party tommorow

Name: Raaaviiiiii Date:
05/05/2007, 10:23
Url:  Goa


Name: luksy kg Date:
25/04/2007, 15:53
Url:  serbia

psyGirl where you living????????please tell me????

Name: psyGirl Date:
16/04/2007, 00:08

Hello, nice and thanx for the FREE DVD - i download the torrent rightnow, and hope im on it ;) Cheers

Name: Diaks Date:
15/04/2007, 03:54
Url:  Sweden

Hello Psysurfeur! This site rocks very good videos and pics! Hope to see you soon bOm!

Name: Mr. Merc Date:
06/04/2007, 16:19
Url:  states

yo yo yo good ass site keep dancin keep trippin and just let the music take over and the police

Name: vitor Date:
21/03/2007, 08:54
Url:  india

nice site

Name: Ska ra b Date:
19/03/2007, 08:31
Url:  France

Salut, pti coucou au site qui monte, qui monte, qui monte. Keep the trust in you 3õ

Name: Elmo Date:
11/03/2007, 11:51
Url:  Bulgaria

Thanxx for all ;)

Name: Janis Date:
11/03/2007, 07:09
Url:  Latvija

Good sound and videos-THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

08/03/2007, 19:35


Name: Orthodox Date:
08/03/2007, 19:31
Url:  Serbia

JEBEM VAM MAJKU NARKOMANSKU U PICHKU!!!!!salim se ja sam budala

Name: Nikola Date:
08/03/2007, 19:29
Url:  Serbia

you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: peter Date:
23/02/2007, 10:33
Url:  denmark

this a realy great site... i realy love the video section, where i can se all the great psy movie... plur forever...

Name: adam Date:
22/02/2007, 14:15
Url:  belgique

j ai lu le preface et je suis 100% d accord avec ce qui est dit pa besoin de drug seul la musique en elle meme est sufisante pour plané

Name: adam Date:
22/02/2007, 14:04
Url:  belgique

longue vie a tout ce qui est trance goa psy etc

Name: Abhishek Date:
17/02/2007, 23:43
Url:  India

Keep Psy keep Trippin !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Name: KAS Date:
17/02/2007, 09:22
Url:  Austria

New GREAT psytranceset.. for free download Tracklist 1. Paranormal Attack - diffrent song 2. Ferbi boys feat. bizzare contact - NOD lead 3. Ultravoice - keep it real 4. d-tek - broken disc 5. Hujaboy - Party animal 6. Melicia vs aquatica - suenos 7. sirius isness - extra terrestrial 8. shanti and riktam - logjamming 9. alternative control - who are you 10.abomination - glitch 11.sesto sento - trance in motion 12.sirius isness - sanctified 13.pleiadians - i believe 14.orgon flow - remeber me 15.wizzy noise - no results 16.sunrize vs d.mush - natural spirit i recorded it an 04.feb.. If you want it just mail me.. you get the link to free direct download cheers KAS

Name: Hajar Pamundi Date:
08/02/2007, 15:10
Url:  Ina

hey finaly an own side great man keep on keeping it on!!!

Name: yarrak Date:
01/02/2007, 16:11

need dry mushroom? 2,5 grams of dry copelandia cyanenscens = 20€uro /26 $US 3 grams of dry philosopher's stone = 20€uro /26 $US info:

Name: Enteo Date:
15/01/2007, 18:31
Url:  Russia

Thanks 4 gifs?its wonderful/

Name: stephane Date:
26/12/2006, 00:51
Url:  france

Votre site est tout simplement génial, super complet pour les fans de goa.

Name: marc Date:
04/12/2006, 19:01
Url:  England

Excellent site. Great tunes Anyone interested in information on RCs to set the mod should contact this eXCELLENT INFO

Name: Shape Machine Date:
30/10/2006, 12:17
Url:  Germany

Shape Machine presents Shin Ur 1 – 2 - 3 Am 12.01.07, 16.02.07 und 16.03.07 In Nürnberg, Z Bau Grosser Saal Frankenstraße 200 with 40percent (chemical crew), Psyche Logos (planet ben), Airi ( shiva space japan ), Fabiuz (, Juggler (, flurobotaniks ( and many many more .. complete information follow the links details : Shin Ur 1 : Shin Ur 2 : Shin Ur 3 :

Name: Desmond Date:
28/10/2006, 13:08
Url:  Goa (INDIA)

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14/12/2005, 01:18

Greetings from the other side.....The u.s.(Pennsylvania to be exact). The New Deal, Hallucinogen, Sphongle, The Disco Biscuits are a few of my favorite things. Looking forward to festivals and shows in 2006. Woo Hoo.

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12/12/2005, 03:37

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Great site! Keep up the good work.

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Name: mayumi Date:
13/04/2005, 12:20
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I am looking for Raphael/Rafael (24 years) from Belgium (Antwerpen or Brussels), you were at Ajuna beach Goa last Christmas and new year, together with a friend. We met at the music bar at the end of the Anjuna market...please contact me! x Mayumi

Name: DCore Date:
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Name: Roma Date:
30/03/2005, 22:01
Url:  Israel

Love Psy trance and goa partys

Name: pitch Date:
29/03/2005, 18:19
Url:  ginevra / svizzera

questo sito deve rimanere cosi bello. I suoni sono grandissimi!!! TRANCE GOA PER SEMPRE BRAVI

Name: peace Date:
27/03/2005, 14:40
Url:  maroc


Name: djd Date:
13/03/2005, 03:06
Url:  germany

Hallo and greetings from the black forest. nice site. see you on "Your ticket to goa" peace djd

Name: yossi Date:
11/03/2005, 16:47
Url:  israel


Name: Ana Date:
10/03/2005, 12:51
Url:  Portugal

skazi simply the best!!!

Name: XASAPES Date:
02/03/2005, 14:13


Name: N.N. Date:
02/03/2005, 14:11


Name: kunstaaa Date:
18/02/2005, 20:06
Url:  India

Ohn Namash Shivay, Its a mad site, keep up the good work ... Boom Shankar!

Name: aashish Date:
17/02/2005, 23:27
Url:  india

hey good work guys... amazin website..specially the videos.. thanks alot for those...keep posting them.. and u should create a totally english language website too.

Name: zissis Date:
16/02/2005, 17:59
Url:  greece

were can i find video from samothraki dance festival

Name: bulo Date:
04/02/2005, 20:10
Url:  rouen

prise de son pas terrible mais sinon ça clak

Name: Guli Date:
04/02/2005, 04:02
Url:  Macedonia

how to see goa trance festival?

Name: dj Bassman Date:
02/02/2005, 01:45
Url:  ch

present my new tracks on mp3 stream 128kb/s

Name: PinkElephants Date:
28/01/2005, 00:40
Url:  Germany

PinkElephants presents: GOMA (Nandan Prod. / Schweiz) 04.02.2005 ANALOG PUSSY (AP-Records / Israel) 04.03.2005 Live @ BARCODE / Munich

Name: Manu Date:
21/01/2005, 02:04
Url:  Fr (Lille)

Merci pour tous vos messages,et bonne année @ tous, je remercie josh et skai le faucon pour leurs messages qui ne sont plus dans le guestbook, du à un incident avec la base de donnée, Trance goa Never Die

Name: schippe Date:
18/01/2005, 19:48

Hi!!! The FULLmoON-Festival 2005 lineup is now available at: BooM

Name: DiViNe Date:
18/01/2005, 19:06
Url:  CH

WoW, nice website! Thake a look at mine!

Name: Patrix Date:
14/01/2005, 02:34
Url:  world

we love it good vibes . tremendous work . Hope we can help you any time . love and respect from Shaman family Boulenat

Name: Goa10stardriver Date:
17/12/2004, 22:19

Ce site déchire surtout au niveau des radios. Vive la Goa 9398 - Vive ce site! Que la puissance de la Goa soit avec Psysurfer !

Name: Dr MDMA Date:
16/12/2004, 12:44
Url:  france

Cool et nice en meme temps, bon site,y a tout ! Nickel , continues , tu participes activement a rendre la trance ses lettres de noblesse. Good vibes

Name: ELI Date:
12/12/2004, 20:04


Name: p.a.c.a du 83 Date:
07/12/2004, 17:50

excellent! pure site 12ans de teuf pour te dire ke c'est du bo boulot,sangah! a toi mon ami les travellers de la région p.a.c.a

Name: bebbe Date:
04/12/2004, 15:31
Url:  Belgium

hi there, thanx for putting these pictures on the net ... Ps: The party was called Goaribics I

Name: alya Date:
01/12/2004, 00:16
Url:  morocco

merci pour les photos, ça fait toujours de bons souvenirs à revisiter de temps à autres, nostalgiques et nouveaux...En plus y a nous deux, Hakim et Alya, immortalisés par tes soins, ...merci à bientôt

Name: Sanne Date:
30/11/2004, 18:06

Tres bien... Sorry, that's the only French I know! :) Nice pictures!

Name: faye Date:
24/11/2004, 13:51
Url:  france

moi je dit juste ke c féerique, bô,magique ke lorsque tu ecoute du pure son et ke tu ferme les yeux apres avoir matter tes tofs tu te crois dans une ambiance paradiziaque, c'est trô bô, trô bon!!bref merci pour ton site qui est joliment bien! jespere ke tu nous rajoutera vite d'autres fotos,de mon coté je vais biento créer un site net aussi pour mettre des fotos lors d'event trance!

Name: NygmA Date:
21/11/2004, 15:57
Url:  Bruxelles

Bon, je sais que normalement j'ai pas besoin d'un forum pour te dire à quel point j'admire ton travail.... continue comme ça mec.... encore un peu et je me mets à la trance goa !!!! Peace.

Name: Koen Date:
21/11/2004, 14:51
Url:  Belgium

merci beaucoup pour les videos de Rhakti dei! ça fait plaisir pour les voir encore une fois! bonne continuation!! Koen

Name: PunkLiloO Date:
21/11/2004, 10:28

C'est démend!! trop cool c'est hyper SPACE!!Continuer comme ça!! C'é ki manu?

Name: tetard026 Date:
09/11/2004, 17:27
Url:  france

bravo pour ce site super continuer comme ca ca dechire

Name: HFU Date:
15/10/2004, 23:11
Url:  france

wèèèèèèèèè vive ce site c dla balle!

Name: lipo Date:
15/10/2004, 22:04
Url:  saint malo

so good! manu continues comme ça

Name: Seeeeb Date:
15/10/2004, 12:25
Url:  Belgique

Yeah manu, super ton site... continue comme ca, ca fait un plaisir de connaitre qq1 de motivé comme toi... ;) a+ ... surement lors de ton prochain 'voyage' dans nos contrées...

Name: WawaSeb Date:
08/10/2004, 18:31
Url:  Belgium

Merci MANU !! Tu déchires... Continue !

Name: tetard Date:
27/09/2004, 16:40
Url:  france

franchement un site qui vaux le coup d'oeil ;) moi je dit bravo et continu comme ca ca pete

Name: F-m Date:
20/09/2004, 06:57
Url:  Canada

Un clic pour le favoris, 2 clics pour voter et clic clic clic clic clic clic pour tout voir :-) Clap clap clap clap ! ;-)

Name: Momo Date:
17/09/2004, 19:09
Url:  France (Lille)

Voilà un site qui mérite une attention toute particulière. Ce site là peut bien se vanter d'en être un bon, vu le contenu enivrant de sa musique, et son design qui vous rappele l'ambiance d'une bonne soirée trance. Il plaira aussi bien aux passionnés qu'aux novices vu sa richesse. Je souhaite une très bonne continuation au webmaster que je connais très bien et je lui dirais encore que son site n'est pas une goutte d'eau dans l'océan du net, vu le déficit de ce genre de site sur la toile. @ bientôt...

Name: space fleuriste Date:
15/09/2004, 21:22
Url: Http://  France

moi jdi: top fun! un site plein dinfo et de goodies sur la goa, yen a pa des masses!! CONTINU MANU!!!!

Name: SixvsiX Date:
15/09/2004, 20:47
Url:  France (R Parisienne)

Je voulai dire super ce site merite vraiment le detour les fond et les gif son vraiment exquis!!! Sinon on voit ke le site est issu d un long travail et d une passion san faille pour la culture GOA Je tire mon chapo meme si j en ai pa lol

Name: Jp Date:
15/09/2004, 19:36
Url:  France

toutes mes félicitations pour la richesse et la qualité des images et des gif! bravo pour la patience, la ténacité et la passion qui s'expriment au-travers de ce site! continue dans cette voie!

Name: yoann Date:
14/09/2004, 00:27
Url:  France (chtiland)

Alors ca c kler si ya bien un passionné de Goa,c bien Psysurfeur!!!!Un contenu enorme,de la sic a gogo,et en plus ca ne fait que s'etoffer...Continues comme ca mon ami,c vraiment de la boulette!!@ Bientot pour des Nouvelles aventures...:)

Name: Benoît Date:
07/09/2004, 22:45
Url:  Belgique

Site dont le contenu est à la hauteur des attentes d'un passionné de Goa. Le Webmaster est soucieux au plus haut point du contenu de son site (coyez-moi je le connais) et c'est une qualité rare !! Visitez ce site régulièrement si vous ne voulez pas qu'une mise à jour vous échappe!!

Name: Manu Date:
01/09/2004, 18:43
Url:  France (Lille)

Salut voici le Guestbook ou vous pouvez laisser vos messages sur psysurfeur, merci


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