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Name: kryogenyko Date:
25/12/2009, 03:05
Url:  madrid(españa)

giving thanks for being the world trance. the www is incredible. a great greeting. kryogenyko

Name: BTM-2009 Date:
07/12/2009, 22:06
Url:  DE

thx for the sound........... keep on fire...... ;)

Name: BAD-TASTE Date:
07/12/2009, 22:05

thx for the sound........... keep on fire...... ;)

Name: hearandfeel Date:
19/11/2009, 22:07
Url:  germany

good psytracks at

Name: Tanianta Date:
29/10/2009, 13:30

hey dude how r u doing? long time no c. what happend to u? hope anything is fine and that we will talk on msn soon. so take care of yourself much love & peace to u greetz tanianta OPEN FOR BOOKINGS 3ò

Name: tomrom Date:
16/08/2009, 22:23
Url:  austria

Samsara Trance Festival 2009 at the Castle of Dobra in Lower Austria Multimedia Event at the Ex-Sonnenklang location, September 3 - 6 For the first time after the end of the Sonnenklang Festival in 2007 there will be an electronic music festival in the castle of Dobra in Lower Austria near Vienna again. With an new team of organizers and a new concept the location at the lake of Dobra will again be the meeting point for the trance-lovers from all over the world four days from 3rd until 6th September. For the first Samsara Festival „Samsara 1 – The Beginning“ more than 80 Live-Acts and DJs from Israel, South Africa, Russia and several European countries have been booked. Four stages will be set up around the castle of Dobra. Apart from the main stage located at the lake, there will be a Beatpatrol Stage in the castle, a Spirit Base Stage as well as a Chill-Out area. The range of music will include psytrance, progressive trance, minimal trance, techno and ambient. Many famous names can be found in the line-up: Astral Projection from Israel, Logic Bomb from Sweden, Talamasca and Absolum from France and some Live-Acts from South Africa. Several teams of light artists will create a magic world of colours in the castle of Dobra that has never been seen again in Austria since the last Sonnenklang festival. Many decoration artists will be responsible for the fascinating art objects. Performances with aliens and fairy characters will provide close encounters of the fantastic kind. A multi-colour-laser will create impressions of a space-ship taking off. Energized free drinking water and fresh fruits will be served as well as a camping ground and a market area. Presale has already started. Tickets are available at

Name: kintan Date:
12/06/2009, 01:38
Url:  moroco

destraction is a kind of creation ..........goa

Name: Tanianta Date:
29/04/2009, 16:21

yo dude how r u doing? long time no c. hehe what happend with your side?nothing new in the world? ;) hope to talk to ya soon greetz tanianta OPEN FOR BOOKINGS 3ò

Name: rawchoice Date:
22/03/2009, 18:20
Url: check it out!

Name: rawchoice Date:
22/03/2009, 18:18

heyheyhey, raw-d-sign aka rawchoice has drop some new designs! "buddha 02" just added! hoodies, t-shirts, longsleeves, girliewear one love rawy

Name: jef Date:
17/03/2009, 15:03

PsyTrance Goa Old Skool mixes Dj St-Paul - Live@Metissages-Couleur3 11 07 96 - Switzerland UVW - Live@Leysin Alpes Festival 31 08 96 - Switzerland UVW - Live@MAD-Lausanne - Couleur3 09 05 98 - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - OriginalDAT(RARE)forMetissages Couleur3 - PsyBreaks Mix - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - OriginalDAT(RARE) - Electro Grooves Mix Part III - IV - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - OriginalDAT(RARE)forMetissages Couleur3 - Ethno Grooves Mix - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - OriginalDAT(RARE)forRadio Uzic - Electro Grooves Mix Part I & II - Switzerland Medicine Drum (UK) - Live@Return To The Source 96 - London Solar Quest (UK) - Live@Metissages-Couleur3 25 04 96 - Switzerland Dj St-Paul - Flying Kick Mix Part I(Tape)- Switzerland Dj St-Paul - Organic Mix Part I(Tape)- Switzerland Dj St-Paul - Flying Kick Mix Part II(Tape)- Switzerland Dj St-Paul - Organic Mix Part II(Tape)- Switzerland

Name: x.boombastick.x Date:
06/03/2009, 13:44
Url:  "GOAN"


Name: Bojan Date:
06/03/2009, 11:40
Url:  Serbia

Big hug from Serbia.The best site of the internet !!!!!!!!

Name: raph Date:
26/02/2009, 20:15
Url:  planetE

salut a tous dites est ce que quelquun sais si il ya une party de prevu aux allentours du 16 mai en PACA? merci

Name: Patler Date:
27/01/2009, 21:35
Url:  Finland

U keep it going, discovered this kinda music very late, before didnt know what was my kind--u people getting very close...chins up

Name: WEErUS Date:
14/01/2009, 23:39
Url:  Fuckin´ Germany

HeydiHo friends of electronic sounds Tounge ! We are looking for some harmonic connects all over , please write us Happy !


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