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Name: stephane Date:
26/12/2006, 00:51
Url:  france

Votre site est tout simplement génial, super complet pour les fans de goa.

Name: marc Date:
04/12/2006, 19:01
Url:  England

Excellent site. Great tunes Anyone interested in information on RCs to set the mod should contact this eXCELLENT INFO

Name: Shape Machine Date:
30/10/2006, 12:17
Url:  Germany

Shape Machine presents Shin Ur 1 – 2 - 3 Am 12.01.07, 16.02.07 und 16.03.07 In Nürnberg, Z Bau Grosser Saal Frankenstraße 200 with 40percent (chemical crew), Psyche Logos (planet ben), Airi ( shiva space japan ), Fabiuz (, Juggler (, flurobotaniks ( and many many more .. complete information follow the links details : Shin Ur 1 : Shin Ur 2 : Shin Ur 3 :

Name: Desmond Date:
28/10/2006, 13:08
Url:  Goa (INDIA)

Just to say that u r connected to VAGATOR GOA and we love your site and r watching your videos and triping on your dj mixes boom. Now is the season for very underground parties if u r visiting anybody u r our guest contect me

Name: ivan Date:
22/10/2006, 04:44
Url:  bulgaria

keep goin by the goa way

Name: clara Date:
07/10/2006, 22:00
Url:  belgique

super votre sique

Name: DjKAS Date:
06/10/2006, 17:40
Url:  Austria/Salzburg

I recorded my last fullon session.. length 74min, 128kps 44Khz mp3 you can download it if you want. you get the link via email (just write me) cu DjKAS

Name: chafux Date:
18/09/2006, 01:39
Url:  morocco

vous faites du trés bon travail magnifique site i love psychedelic trance

Name: krostx Date:
08/09/2006, 04:58
Url:  Stgo.Chile

!! Psysurfeur is EXELENT ¡¡

Name: psypod Date:
18/08/2006, 13:37

Great DJ mixes to download from here: Get them while you can... Blown away!

Name: b2act Date:
29/07/2006, 12:24
Url:  D-HH

remind you 78min 143-145bpm 192kbits 107MB genre psytrance listen and have fun! cheerfully further

Name: psyboy Date:
08/07/2006, 10:15
Url:  india

what abt parties in india?

Name: psyboy Date:
08/07/2006, 10:05
Url:  india

i will recomend this site 2 ma frndz.excellent work!great videos.

Name: littlemussshroom Date:
05/07/2006, 15:29
Url:  Switzerland

I love Goa music, Goa partys, Goa people and this site! =) very very nice and good. I says at all the "Goa People".. Kepp your mind free!!!! =)

Name: Nina Date:
04/07/2006, 00:25
Url:  Portugal

Nice site xD **

Name: Marian Date:
19/06/2006, 17:48
Url:  Switzerland


Name: chris Date:
03/06/2006, 01:49
Url:  mexico

this is a great page of goa space¡¡¡¡¡¡strainger why dont call you¡¡¡¡if you want come to mexico just call me¡¡¡¡¡

Name: Fredrik Date:
29/05/2006, 21:37
Url:  Finland

Great site! I love the videos and the MP3 files. :D Always nice to see how the psy parties connect people from different parts of the world. :)

Name: dj Igor Date:
26/05/2006, 01:40

goa forever

Name: dj trude Date:
26/05/2006, 01:39

so wo soll ich anfangen die site ist einfach nur chill out for me ! gruese alle Goa fanz da draussen - macht weiter so die welt kann nur besser werden mit dieser mucke .

Name: rhyno Date:
10/05/2006, 13:00
Url:  india

hi my name is kallu .i like trance kindely mail me party venues time to time in india.

Name: admir Date:
10/05/2006, 04:31
Url:  kosova

i like trance (K)

Name: aliengrey Date:
29/04/2006, 01:18
Url:  Belgium

vive la goa alien poooooowaaaa the best music ever of the universe la meilleur musique de l universe psytrance powwwwwwaaaa rocks et ton site déchire tout

Name: dj skilla Date:
25/04/2006, 05:46
Url:  italy

this is very very cool web site my congratulations;) this is my web site....

Name: patricia piit Date:
23/04/2006, 16:26
Url:  fortaleza

videos de trance ao vivo

Name: Lizard Date:
18/04/2006, 03:44
Url:  iran

psy&ice is nice!

Name: jaja Date:
13/04/2006, 19:22


Name: josedio Date:
13/04/2006, 01:22


Name: paula Date:
11/04/2006, 00:09
Url:  ireland

great site.. lovin it!!! lol

Name: Dan Date:
02/04/2006, 12:52
Url:  Germany

Very good site. Webmaster good job! Also visit my favorite website where you can find many free mp3 music for download.

Name: xuxa Date:
26/03/2006, 18:18
Url:  switzerland

gands vidieos cotinuem sobre tudo nao mudem nada e força ai nos bizzars contacts

Name: Ákos Date:
22/03/2006, 10:06
Url:  Hungary

hello every body

Name: amine Date:
18/03/2006, 12:29
Url:  moroco

vraiment psychadelic j aimerai vraiment y etre pr voir koment sa c passe franchemen c geniale

Name: tom Date:
12/03/2006, 06:43
Url:  usa

I love your site nice job!!

Name: luciano Date:
08/03/2006, 17:53

demais o site de vcs. i love goa trance a mais de 10 years

Name: LULU Date:
05/03/2006, 01:01
Url:  Germany

this is a very nice site, i´m happy that i found it!!

Name: Petro Date:
04/03/2006, 09:29
Url:  Canada

NIce site!

Name: Filipe Gonçalves Date:
02/03/2006, 20:26
Url:  Portugal

I like this site,good job. Please try to translate this page to english because this site is very interesting but some people dont understand it! I hope that you come to Portugal to do some partys!!!!

Name: csid Date:
24/02/2006, 17:43
Url:  US

Great videos thanks!!

Name: david Date:
24/02/2006, 11:21
Url:  usa

I love your site nice job!!

Name: Eleuterio Date:
22/02/2006, 15:03
Url:  peru

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Name: transmigration Date:
16/02/2006, 18:13
Url:  POLAND - LONDON Polish Goa Ethnobit producers.

Name: lee Date:
16/02/2006, 01:42
Url:  Canada

Hello! I like your site alot, keep up the good job!

Name: Ljusija Date:
14/02/2006, 23:09
Url:  USA

Goot site !

Name: Laila Ben Date:
14/02/2006, 21:46
Url:  Canada

This is very interesting site! Mp3

Name: gaston Date:
14/02/2006, 18:25
Url:  buenos aires

kiero ir a goa!!!!!!!!!

Name: ringtones Date:
13/02/2006, 21:40
Url:  canada

Nice site !!!

Name: vanda Date:
11/02/2006, 16:47
Url:  hungary


Name: Santos Date:
11/02/2006, 11:07
Url:  Chili

Buen Trabajo senor ! Muchos Mp3, espero el upgrade en espanol ! Congratulations man !!

Name: Laila Ben Date:
11/02/2006, 09:38
Url:  Canada

This is very interesting site! Mp3

Name: Ket Fronti Date:
11/02/2006, 01:05
Url:  USA

Hey, great work on your website.I have found interesting things on it!

Name: Laila Ben Date:
11/02/2006, 00:38
Url:  Canada

This is very interesting site! Mp3

Name: carlos Date:
07/02/2006, 21:55
Url:  brasil

Olá... Sou do Brasil e adoro seus site.... e principalmente do vídeo de Talamaska... Adoro Psy Trance - Goa Trance....Valew

Name: Chievo Date:
05/02/2006, 09:25
Url:  USA

Nice Guest.Have a nice day!

Name: Nurtan Date:
04/02/2006, 11:24
Url:  Belgium

kikou manu j'ai visité le site et c'est franchement bien travaillé!!!pour une fois,que quelqu'un s'y connait;-))))))))))

Name: youshie Date:
03/02/2006, 04:01

The videos remind me of some good parties I had in the outback in India, in Karnataka GReat

Name: Hugo2005 Date:
01/02/2006, 17:48
Url:  Germany

This is st greatest side if ever seen!!! Thanks 100% team.

Name: Justyna Date:
26/01/2006, 20:16

I love trance!!! kocham transyyy ... kocham ggoga:) GGOG 604 !!!!!!

Name: Dev Date:
23/01/2006, 22:40
Url:  India

Ecstatic :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Name: lipe Date:
23/01/2006, 19:30
Url:  portugal

Tasse parabens pelo site muito bom mesmo kontinuem o bom trabalho... vou kontinuar a surfar pelo vosso site!!!!!!!!!! PARABENS

Name: eliseo Date:
23/01/2006, 17:08
Url:  peru

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Name: shivajoerg Date:
15/01/2006, 18:20
Url:  japan

hey guys !!!!! i soh your anouncement in isratrance about tracklist!!! if you want to know what i playt ther why you dont ask me ??? love and light shivajoerg

Name: shiva joerg Date:
15/01/2006, 18:14
Url:  japan

hey guys ! i soh your anouncement in isratrance !!! if you want to know what i playt ther in your festival ,why you dont simply ask me?????????????????????????????????? all in all love and light shivajoerg

Name: olivier Date:
13/01/2006, 00:39
Url:  south of france

je viens de tomber par hasard sur ce site: GENIAL !!!!! j adore les radio on line les morceaux sont trop trop bon merci a tous continuez je vais vous faire de la pub . bises du sud de la france ( perpignan) olivier.

Name: MAPSYTRA Date:
07/01/2006, 01:50
Url:  Spain

the is one wonderfull page

Name: BINAIR-e Date:
05/01/2006, 10:55
Url:  Canada

Plus de PSY! Felicitations pour le site et bonne annee 2006 a tous!


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