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TANGRA ECO ART DANCE FESTIVAL 2012:29 Aug – 2 Sept:Bulgaria

TANGRA ECO ART DANCE FESTIVAL 2012:29 Aug – 2 Sept:Bulgaria

Started by TriskelePR, 03 May 2012 à 13:15:42

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29 Aug 2012  -  02 Sept 2012
* 31 August FULL MOON *

Tangra Festival presents:

official page:
facebook page:

(Pirin mountains of Bulgaria)

Sandanski region

Tangra Family presents 5 days and 4 nights international gathering of tribes and Visionary Art culture Tangra Eco Art Dance Festival 2012

Tangrism is a philosophic trinity of the following substances " Tan (the universe), Nak (human) and Ra (God), involved into the universal, profoundly sensible philosophic formula.

The main idea of the festival is to create a mystic space on the beautiful territory among mountain rivers and ancient mountains of Bulgaria, with love, harmony, spirituality and creativity appearing in every particle and vibration, turning into the flow of primitive energy.

The festival is aimed at uniting spiritually close people and reminding them of their important role in keeping ecological and spiritual balance on the planet as well as at fulfilling surrounding with love and joy vibrations, enabling our guests to feel the necessity of living in unity and harmony with the world around us.

Music, dancing and creativity are the unique key to self-cognition and unity with the Universe and all its inhabitants.



Aegolius (Macedonia)
Ajja (Peak rec., Switzerland)
Arjuna (Parvati rec., Italy)
Atreus (Greece)
Asoma (Bulgaria)
Atriohm (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
Cosmosophy (Elestial rec., the UK) - concert
Crystal Monkey (Elestial rec., the UK)
Delirium Theatre (Greece)
Dsompa (Peak rec., Germany)
Encephalopaticys (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
Flooting Grooves (Peak rec., the UK)
Fractal Error (Sonic Chakras rec., Greece)
Goch (Macedonia)
The Light Shifter (Elestial rec., the UK)
Kliment (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Looney (Greece)
Loopus in Fabula (Fabula rec., Italy)
Magic Seeds (Sonic Chakras rec., Macedonia)
Once Upon a Time (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Psystein (Bulgaria)
Quarantine (Russia)
Samodelia (Artmospheric, Bulgaria) - concert
Surbahar (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Via Axis (Brasil)
Yudhisthira (Vertigo rec., Macedonia)


604fx (Sonic Chakras rec., Russia)
Atriohm (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
Arjuna (Parvati rec., Italy)
Atreus (Greece)
Asoma (Bulgaria)
Butterfly (Russia)
Cosmic Cowboy (Germany)
Cinnamint (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Dina & Shev (Elestial rec., Macedonia)
Djehuty (Pixelfreaks, Brazil)
Dsompa (Peak rec., Germany)
Edenea (Turkey)
Encephalopaticys (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
Fog (Looney Moon rec./Peak rec., Italy)
Govinda (Peak rec./Believe, Italy)
Komarchiki (Sonic Chakras rec., Russia)
Kundalini (Bulgaria)
Mara Moon (Believe, Switzerland)
Mikel (Digital Shiva Power/Believe, Italy)
Nagual (Discovalley rec., Greece)
Prokoll (Feeless, Russia)
Stealth (Sonic Chakras rec., Russia)
Surbahar (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Trikoze (Bulgaria)
Tripitale (Bulgaria)
Venzak (Bulgaria)



Alwoods (Altar rec., Greece)
Chillsome (Peak rec., Switzerland)
Chitoon (Russia)
Dream Stalker (Sundoz lab., Russia)
Dymons (Elestial rec., the UK)
Irukanji (Sentimony rec., Ukaine)
Flooting Grooves ( Peak rec., the UK)
Maharishi (Bulgaria)
Master Margherita (Switzerland)
Kliment (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Okapi (Italy)
Pixelfreaks (Brazil)
Surbahar (Artmospheric., Bulgaria)
Tubifex Project (Artmospheric.,Bulgaria) - concert
Uchu (Russia)
ZZZ Fluxus (Spain) - concert


Anub1s (Macedonia)
AuroraX (Bulgaria)
Baveria (Sweeden)
Butterfly (Jolly Fill music, Russia)
Cinnamint (Bulgaria)
Dina & Shev (Macedonia)
Elastic Vision (Cyprus)
Exo (Bulgaria)
Fog (Italy)
Fub (Russia)
Johnny Blue (Cyprus)
Kelt (Russia)
Komarchiki (Russia)
Kundalini (Bulgaria)
Loopus in Fabula (Fabula rec., Italy)
Master Margherita (Peak rec., Switzerland)
Maharishi (Bulgaria)
Memoide (Bulgaria)
Mind Criminal (Australia)
Mystical Prana (Russia)
Orlovskiy (Sentimony rec., Ukaine)
Spacely (Russia)
Stealth (Russia)
Stoyan (Bulgarian)
Tamara (Macedonia)
Tautara (Trimurti rec., Belarus)
Therapist (Bulgaria)
Trillobeat (Vertigo rec., Russia)


Free Trance Form (Russia) / Ihtianderson (Ukraine) / Kelt (Russia) / Looney Moon (Italy) / Synops Effect (Russia)/ Quantum Tribe (Russia)


Ihtianderson (Ukraine)


Georgi Christov (Bulgaria) / Cristobal (Norway) / Stoyan Stoyanov (Bulgaria) / Todorwarp (Bulgaria) / ZZZ FLUX (Spain)


Circoloko Alucianaes (Brasil)
Wormhole: fluors personages with light juggling and hoolahoops, acrobalance and trapeeze.
Monmatia: Fire show - acrobactics movements with batons, Cristal Ball, Hollahoops, Clubs and Fans.

Tal (Israel)
Contemprorary dance

Imaginarium (Russia)
Fire and neon show

Sound system:

Funktion One
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01 April - 01 June ::  40eu
01 June - 20 August :: 55eu

Full price On gates :: 75eu


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