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Artistes et Musique / Morphic Resonance - Perplexity...
Last post by Suntrip Records - 06 May 2018 à 21:42:35
Here we go again!!  The new Morphic Resonance album - Perplexity - is released! What can you expect? Massive, maximal sounds & acidic madness! :)
Listen to the samples and buy if you like! :) 
- Thanks for your support!!! <3 Its vital to stay alive :)

For now its available at our webshop and bandcamp:

1. Intro
2. The Creature
3. Return Of The Bad Dreamer
4. Outer Limits (Limitless Mix)
5. Vektogram (remix)
6. Twisted Reality
7. Hallucinatory Acid
8. Unreal
9. Ouija

Music Making / Speedsound REC. looking for ne...
Last post by speedsound - 23 April 2018 à 06:57:50
★★★ Sale in over 300 stores ★★★

(Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Juno, TraxSource, Google Music...)

✖️❌ Songs, Music Videos and Sample Packs! ❌✖️

Big network for promotion!!!

more stores, more promotion, more plays, more sales!

► Send your demos:









La Trance et Vous / Parvati Night by FRAKTAL FORE...
Last post by alx23 - 26 January 2018 à 13:04:04

Fraktal Forest organise une Parvati Night avec trois livers du records !!!!

------------- LIVE -------------

JAHBO (Parvati Records - Danemark)

CONFO (Parvati Records - Grece)

ULVAE (Parvati Records - Portugal)

CHILOPOD (Visionary Shamanics Records - France)

-------------- DJ -------------

NOVOVRATIC (Woo-dog Records - France)

R-PROJEKT (Nothing is done - France)

DARKSIDE (Fraktal Forest - France)

STELLAR (Fraktal Forest - Suisse)

-------------- SOUND SYSTEM  -------------


-------------- DECO -------------


-------------- PREVENTE / PRESALE -------------

-------------- FACEBOOK -------------

-------------- TEASER -------------
General psytrance / Shankra Festival - 10-15/7/201...
Last post by Shankra - 22 January 2018 à 16:50:05

Mountains are land, attempting to be sky.
Rivers are water, running to be wind.
The pursuit of change is what shaped the world as we see it:
the demonstration of the power of life.

Information about line-up, location and tickets on

Your Life is Your Message
Shankra Festival
La Trance et Vous / Klassische Musik by Open Sourc...
Last post by xubuntu - 20 January 2018 à 17:25:49

Music is the only real magic i have encountered in my life. There is no way to describe its influence and there's no explainable trick involved. Music is the Queen of all art-forms. It's pure, it moves, it heals, unites, heightens, expands one's consciousness. When the quality is high and long-established principles are preserved, the music never expires.. it's timeless, it's classic.

01. Open Source - The Wicked Witch Of The West (New Edit)
02. Aquatica - Break It All (Open Source Bootleg)
03. Open Source - Alaska
04. Vini Vici - Ravers Army (Open Source Bootleg)
05. Ghost Rider - Shamanic (Open Source Bootleg)
06. Open Source vs Space Vibe - Spirit Warrior (Classical Edit)
07. Space Vibe - The Lord
08. Open source - True Lollipop
09. Open Source - Legends Never Die
10. Sagi Abitbul vs Guy Haliva - Stanga (Open Source Bootleg)

Find the new mix on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram | Mixcloud
Artistes et Musique / Suntrip Records: Triquetra - E...
Last post by Suntrip Records - 20 January 2018 à 08:20:50
You like Crazy, acidic, full power, old school influenced Goa trance which puts dancefloors on fire? Don't search any longer... Suntrip Records just released the debut album of Triquetra! :) Instead of a huge promo text, just listen to the samples and buy if you like :) Now only available on the Suntrip shop & bandcamp! In a week on all other media!! :) 

Spread the word and thanks for the support!

Available now on our Suntrip Records website (together with all other cds we released and other label cds and t shirts etc...)

And of course on bandcamp :)

Music Making / The Last Decade of Psytrance @...
Last post by speedsound - 18 January 2018 à 04:29:39

Pack Preview:

This awesome sample gold-mine contains a truly huge variety of loops and samples spread across 2.35 GB of material that's ideal for creating both Psytrance and Progressive.

The sample library features over 600 Psytrance loops and samples to choose from - this download has something for every Psy producer, from melodic and driving basslines, to twisted synth loops, FX loops, synth pads, vocal FX, textures and speaker cone shattering Psytrance drum loops: check out this essential Psytrance production download today!

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

Pack Information


WAV Loops
WAV One Shots
MIDI Loops


657 24-Bit WAV Audio Files
8 Bonus MIDI Loops
Key Labelled
Tempo: 132 - 152 BPM

034 Ambience
018 Animals
013 Basses
040 Drum Kits
237 FX
041 Percussion
157 Synths
006 Uplifter FX
061 Vocal FX
008 Bonus MIDI Loops

Download Size: 1.7 GB
Unzipped Size: 2.35 GB

download now:



Artistes et Musique / Re: Astral Projection - Let th...
Last post by Suntrip Records - 17 November 2017 à 11:30:38
Dear goa-vinyl-lovers! There is now a new 12" vinyl (& cd) of the goa legends Astral Projection available on Suntrip Records! :) If you like pure melodic goa-trance, this is a MUST! :) The vinyl os only for sale on the Suntrip site or their bandcamp. The cd everywhere you want! :)

Artistes et Musique / When I Say.. LOVE
Last post by xubuntu - 30 October 2017 à 09:48:53

When I say.. LOVE, the sound comes out of my mouth, it hits the other person's ear, travels through this byzantine conduit in their brain through their memories of love or lack of love and so much of our experience is intangible. So much of what we perceive cannot be expressed, it's unspeakable. When we communicate with one another we feel that we have connected and we think that we're understood, I think we have a feeling of almost spiritual communion and that feeling might be transient but I think it's what we live for.

01. Open Source - Ultra Deep Field (Love Edit)
02. Open Source - Alto Sax
03. Open Source - Never Forever (Love Edit)
04. Open Source - Too Weird To Live
05. Open Source - Days Of High Adventure (2017 Edit)
06. Open Source - A Great Dream (2017 Edit)
07. Open Source - Space Kablooie
08. Open Source - Blessed All Forms Of Intelligence
09. Open Source - Heartache (Love Edit)
10. Open Source - Aesop's Myth (Short Edit)

Follow Open Source on:
Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Mixcloud
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