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Music Making / PsySeeD - Hi-Tech Psychedelic ...
Last post by speedsound - 01 November 2021 à 07:56:12
PACK preview:

Featuring unique elements created by PsySeeD Records this unique Heavy High Tech sample pack will revolutionise your productions. The download includes a comprehensive collection of High Tech loops and samples includes kick drums, basses, atmospheres, drum loops, uplifter and miscellaneous effects, leads, synths, percussion and much more!

Download this enormous Psy sample pack now and get more than 1.3 GB of samples and loops in high quality WAV format ready for instant use in your productions. Samples are BPM Labelled.

download now:

#hitech #darkpsy #psytrance #psychedelic #samples #trance  #loops #pack #ableton #cubase #logic #reason #acid #nuendo #sonar #protools #Bitwing #studio #fullonnight
Music Making / Ableton Live Template - Psytra...
Last post by speedsound - 20 October 2021 à 09:11:58

After the success of volumes 1 and 2 Speedsound present "Ableton Live Psytrance Project - Full Night 3".
This incredible audio project features insane basslines, extreme variations, triplets and automation illustrating how Speedsound put together a track in Live.
This Ableton Live project features psychedelic and dark ambiences coupled with highly explosive moments: designed for biggest and best Psy festivals!
Please note: this product requires Ableton Live 8.1.3 or higher.
Download Size: 466 MB

download now:

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#psytrance #fullonnight #TEMPLATE #ableton

General psytrance / VA - Psionic Power [Digital Ps...
Last post by sonictantra - 21 September 2021 à 14:57:23

Psionic Power out now on Digital Psionics!

Psionic Power is a psychedelic sound field projection. Selected by aGh0Ri TanTriK, For all mankind. His crafted selection of tracks flow into and up to the spinverse. Weaving from underground acid to new dimensions of trance for Digital Psionics. This is mindcraft music, and will pull you in from the start to the end. Don't take one or two, drop the whole dozen.


01 - Skryre - A Circle In The Forest - 145 BPM
02 - Overdigital - Infinity - 145 BPM
03 - Hysteria - Milky Way - 148 BPM
04 - WHITE FALCON - Invaders from Skyron - 148 BPM
05 - M. D. A.  VS Raccoon - Shamanic Toy - 145 BPM
06 - Shie'ox - Time to Rok - 148 BPM
07 - Methodic Marble - Third Contact - 148 BPM
08 - Basaltic - New World Order - 145 BPM
09 - Out World  - No Obstacles Only Challenges - 148 BPM
10 - BunkerJack- Resistance - 147 BPM
11 - aGh0Ri TanTriK - Once Upon a Reality - 150 BPM
12 - Fobi - Are You Out Of Your TI nA nA - 155 BPM

Mastering: Paul Frac (VivaSound)

Hear it on
Thank you very much to Dark Nebula for letting us have this opportunity and all artists, engineers and designers involved!
Psy Art and graphics / Psycomics - Episode 3
Last post by xubuntu - 14 January 2021 à 10:39:32

Music Making / Psytrance 'Psychedelic Vocals'...
Last post by speedsound - 23 November 2020 à 05:26:32

PACK preview:


The 'Sound M4sters' features a unique and rare package of 'psychedelic vocals', boost your songs with those lysergic vocals!

61 - Ayahuasca Psychotria
59 - Dark Demons
45 - DMT Hallucinations
74 - Underground 90

Psyloops / FL Studio + Ableton Templates - Loops & Samples


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#psytrance #progressive #vocal #psychedelic #trance #fullon #lsd #acid #mdma #progressive #dmt #ayahuasca #underground

General psytrance / DJ Sarana - Psylandia
Last post by psylicious - 17 November 2020 à 17:44:45
Music Making / The Last Decade of Psytrance -...
Last post by speedsound - 01 October 2020 à 07:12:50

This awesome sample gold-mine contains a truly huge variety of loops and samples spread across 2.35 GB of material that's ideal for creating both Psytrance and Progressive.

#psytrance #sample #pack #loops #samplepack

The sample library features over 600 Psytrance loops and samples to choose from - this download has something for every Psy producer, from melodic and driving basslines, to twisted synth loops, FX loops, synth pads, vocal FX, textures and speaker cone shattering Psytrance drum loops: check out this essential Psytrance production download today!

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

Pack Information


WAV Loops
WAV One Shots
MIDI Loops


657 24-Bit WAV Audio Files
8 Bonus MIDI Loops
Key Labelled
Tempo: 132 - 152 BPM

034 Ambience
018 Animals
013 Basses
040 Drum Kits
237 FX
041 Percussion
157 Synths
006 Uplifter FX
061 Vocal FX
008 Bonus MIDI Loops

Download Size: 1.7 GB
Unzipped Size: 2.35 GB

download now:

#psytrance #samplepack #loops #samples #psychedelic #trance #futureprog
Music Making / Psychedelic Morning @ Psytranc...
Last post by speedsound - 30 September 2020 à 06:59:37

Speedsound deliver over 500 mb of top quality Psytrance samples: this sample pack is jammed full of Psy loops and samples ready for instant action in your tracks.

The sample pack kicks off with a massive selection of 60 melodic synth loops backed up by 30 tight rolling Psy baselines.

The pack also includes 30 twisted FX loops and surreal ambiences to get your tracks to a flying start: this pack is an excellent choice for loop based musicians
such as fans of Ableton Live & Sony Acid Pro, as well as being compatible with all current DAW music software.

Weighing in at 135 loops this is an essential tool for any Psy producer!

Format: WAV Loop Pack

060 Synth Loops
030 Basslines
030 FX
015 Surreal Ambient Textures

download now:

#psytrance #fullon #morning #samples #loops
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