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Music Making / DNBN - Psytrance For Serum | V...
Last post by speedsound - 10 October 2023 à 02:26:53
Pack preview:

Psytrance music is a constantly evolving sonic journey, and for those producers eager to push the limits of creativity, having a wide selection of high-quality sounds available is essential. DNBN's second volume of sounds for Serum is a hidden gem that all Psytrance producers should definitely not miss.
This sound pack stands out for its extraordinary sonic diversity. Each preset is a small work of art that embraces the subtleties and nuances of Psytrance. From deep pulsating bass to spacey leads and eerie atmospheric effects, this volume offers a full range of sounds to shape your music in any direction you desire.

The quality of the sounds is professional grade. Each preset has been produced with the utmost care, ensuring crystal-clear clarity and extraordinary sonic power. In a genre of music such as Psytrance, where sound production is critical to capture the listener's energy and hypnosis, these sounds prove to be an invaluable investment.

Even less experienced producers will find working with this package enjoyable. Navigation and preset selection are extremely intuitive, allowing you to focus on your creativity without technical frustration. It is evident that DNBN designed these sounds with the Psytrance producer community in mind.

DNBN's second volume of sounds for Serum is a real treasure for all Psytrance producers. Its sound diversity, impeccable quality, and accessibility make it an indispensable addition to your sound collection. Don't let this hidden gem slip through your fingers. Purchase it today and get ready to take your Psytrance music to new levels of creativity and sonic power.

This unique selection of Psytrance presets is 100% royalty free and ready for immediate.

Product Details:

Music Making / DNBN - Psytrance For Serum | V...
Last post by speedsound - 30 September 2023 à 03:43:00
Pack preview:

It sounds like "Psytrance For Serum" is a collection of presets for the Xfer Serum wavetable synthesizer, specifically tailored for Psytrance music production. The collection is created by the artist DNBN in collaboration with Speedsound Records. The presets included in the collection cover a wide range of sounds typically found in Psytrance music, including rich leads, intricate sequences, punchy basslines, colorful synths, and more.

The fact that these presets are designed for Serum suggests that they take advantage of the synth's powerful wavetable capabilities, allowing producers to craft complex and evolving sounds that are a hallmark of Psytrance music. The presets are likely crafted to capture the unique textures and tones associated with the genre.

It's also highlighted that the presets are 100% royalty-free, which means that once purchased, producers can use these presets in their own tracks without any additional licensing fees. This can be a significant advantage for producers looking to streamline their creative process without worrying about legal restrictions.

The collection's three-volume structure indicates a substantial variety of presets, giving producers a wide palette of sounds to work with. This could be particularly beneficial for artists who want to experiment with different sonic elements within the realm of Psytrance.

Overall, "Psytrance For Serum" seems to be a valuable resource for Psytrance producers, providing them with a curated set of presets that can save time, inspire creativity, and enhance their music production efforts.

Product Details:

Music Making / DNBN - Afterlife (Cubase Psytr...
Last post by speedsound - 16 September 2023 à 07:51:37
Pack preview:

"DNBN - Afterlife" is a cutting-edge psytrance track that serves as a complete, ready-to-use template for music producers looking to delve into the world of psytrance and master the art of crafting captivating tracks. Secure your copy today and unveil the intricate process behind this exceptional composition, including the mixing and mastering techniques employed.

If you're in search of the ideal foundation for your next exceptional track, look no further. This product equips you with the essential tools to embark on your musical journey into the realm of psytrance. Act swiftly to acquire your copy and immerse yourself in the ethereal soundscape of the "Afterlife" with "DNBN - Afterlife."

Key Reasons to Purchase this Product:

Music Making / DNBN - Psytrance Percussion Lo...
Last post by speedsound - 15 September 2023 à 01:39:50
Pack preview:

50 Percussion Loops by DNBN is a set of percussion created specifically for Psy Trance.
These loops are designed to add energy, groove and movement to your tracks, with a variety of rhythms and sounds that will spice up your productions.
Whether you need a subtle shaker, a tribal drum, or a full-on percussion ensemble, you will find it in this pack. All loops are tempo-synced and ready to use in any DAW or sampler.
If you are looking for some fresh and inspiring percussion loops for your Psy Trance projects.

This pack includes 50 Psy Trance Percussion drums ready to use in your productions.

All of this content is 100% Royalty-Free, so you can use any of these elements in your own productions without extra costs.

Product Details:
Music Making / Fifty PsyTrance Kicks - DNBN
Last post by speedsound - 19 August 2023 à 06:39:19
PACK preview

Psy Trance Kicks' by DNBN is a set of kicks created specifically
for Psy Trance.

This pack includes 50 Psy Trance kick drums ready to use in your productions.

All of this content is 100% Royalty-Free, so you can use any of these elements in your own productions without extra costs.

Product Details:
Music Making / Psytrance Vocal Fusion | Vocal...
Last post by speedsound - 15 June 2023 à 03:35:56
Pack preview:

Psytrance Vocal Fusion is an electrifying collection of vocal samples specifically designed for the psytrance genre. This unique sample pack combines the captivating power of vocals with the energetic and futuristic sounds of psytrance, resulting in a fusion that adds a new dimension to your music productions.

These vocal samples are meticulously crafted to complement the driving beats and psychedelic atmospheres of psytrance music. They feature a diverse range of vocal elements, including ethereal chants, mesmerizing mantras, cosmic whispers, and powerful affirmations. Whether you're looking for mystical vocal textures to enhance the ambience or dynamic vocal hooks to add intensity to your tracks, this pack delivers a wide array of options.

With their spiritual and transcendental essence, these vocal samples serve as a powerful tool for expressing emotions, conveying messages, and connecting with the listener on a deeper level. They add an extra layer of intrigue, mystery, and human touch to your psytrance compositions, allowing you to create immersive sonic journeys that resonate with the audience.

Psytrance Vocal Fusion is a must-have resource for producers, DJs, and sound designers who want to infuse their psytrance tracks with captivating vocals. Whether you're creating mind-bending psychedelic tunes or high-energy dancefloor anthems, these vocal samples will inspire and elevate your productions, bringing a new level of dynamism and enchantment to your psytrance music.

Product Details:

Music Making / Pink Floyd - Samples and Vocal...
Last post by speedsound - 28 April 2023 à 08:58:28
pack preview:

This PINK FLOYD pack includes exclusive samples and vocals for remixes, mash-ups and remakes.
It's an amazing package for all PINK FLOYD fans!

149 Audio Files
16-Bit WAV
Download Size: 1.75 GB


or buy the Audio on Bandcamp and receive the link to download the complete Pack (link included in the bonus item)

Psyloops / FL Studio + Ableton Templates - Loops & Samples


- - - - - CHECK MORE PACKS HERE - - - - -



#pinkfloyd #vocal #psychedelic #samplepack #loops #sounds #musicproducer
Music Making / DUB Siren FX - Reggae DUB Root...
Last post by speedsound - 17 February 2023 à 06:58:57
PACK preview

The "DUB Siren FX - Reggae DUB Roots Sound Effects" sample pack contain sound effects used in Dub music, such as the iconic "Dub Siren" effect. These samples can be used in music production and DJ mixing to create the characteristic transitions of Dub music. The samples also include other sound effects are commonly used in Dub music.





S P E E D S O U N D  ★  R E C O R D S  (👽ॐ)


+ TELEGRAM + insulte please05JRp654yMGQx

Send your Demos / YouTube promotion:

#dub #roots #reggae #maconha #4i20 #dubsiren #samplepack
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