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: Bamboo Production 13 September 2007 à 08:28:20
Destruction, chaos, rampage... They’ve done their job

1st  stop: Paris

5 oct 2007 – PARIS

Après des années de concerts en Europe, Whicked Hayo démarre une tournée mondiale pourprésenter leur 1er album (sortie prévue fin 2007 chez Night oracle Record) dont la 1ère escale sera: Paris. De l’ambiant avec LDB à la musique de nuit avec leurs amis  pionniers du genre, c’est l’occasion de faire un véritable voyage à travers le temps et l’espace au Glaz’Art, transformé le temps d’une soirée en un reve mysterieux par Cybofunk

Whicked Hayo and friendzzzzz
Psychedelic trip

Whicked Hayo
(Night Oracle Records) Belgium
Presentation of the New album !

After five years establishing Whicked Hayo as one of Europe's best-loved (and sometimes most feared) night-time live acts, Dan Firoiu and Morad Bensaoud present ********** - their first album
release. Combining solid basslines with truly bizarre samples and their unique breakdowns that drive any dancefloor crazy, ********* has a sound that will delight and disturb the scene all over the world.,Balancing the most insane breakdowns and positively violent drum tracks with truly twisted humour, the ecstatic chaos of Whicked Hayo's sound opens up a new direction in psytrance.

Based in Gent, Belgium, Dan and Morad have worked together on the Whicked Hayo project for over five years. Appearing on numerous compilations from Ketuh Records (Austria), Night Oracle (Greece) and many others, plus the Fullmoon Festival 2006 DVD (Circuit VIII/BNE,Israel), their sound is well-known – yet still strangely alien – to lovers of night-time trance sounds. They have worked with many of the dark scene's biggest names, including Azax Syndrome, Psykovsky, Highlighttribe ,
Secret Vibes and others.

Whicked Hayo have appeared at most of Europe's leading festivals,including Fullmoon Festival, Freaky Dragons and Transylvania Calling. Their relentless audio rampage – bombarding the dancefloor with the unexpected – creates an incomparable atmosphere, which has established them firmly at the top of the Belgian dark scene, and is a hit wherever they go.

Hyper Frequencies
(Mechanik Records) France-
Presentation of the New album !

Passionate about music, a follower of the 70s, fan of Led Zep, Hendrix, Stooges...Gill alias Hyper Frequencies started his career at the end of the 80s as bass player in several rock groups, notably ‘Stalker’. At the start of the 90s he discovers Techno and starts to mix at the end of 94.
Manifesting as a good DJ he attracts the attention of Mick Chaos, the ‘big boss’ of the British label Chaos Unlimited that releases his 1st mix tape ‘The Machine’ followed by several others, notably ‘The Wisdom Place’.
In 98 he purchases his 1st comno insulte pleaser and equipment. Then slowly but surely, everything falls into place... Mick Chaos is the 1st to produce his music, ‘First Elevation’ and ‘Drum Explorer (see discography),the latter composed with the collaboration of his friends in Jaïa, a killer track that makes a tour of the globe and provides Gill with an important grounding for composition. Gill participates on 8 of the tracks on this project : 3 “Hyper Frequencies” and 5 others with his side Projects: ‘HyperChrome”, “Los Diablos”, “Super Punk”.
On his return to the Lyon region, Gill devotes with Fred Neuro to “Crazy Lions Cult”, also created a new project with his friend Psylom , and for sure his new solo album, coming out in September 2007 on Mechanik Records

(Acidance) Russia

Russian Pioneer Psytrance Artist.
Start makeing music in 1998. Alex and Zolod have make a long way to the top.
Bring out more than 140 tracks and 3 full albums they are one of the most respected artist in the world of Psytrance.  Playing al over the world at the biggest gathering he will come to Paris to show is talent to the French People and helping Whicked Hayo to promot their first album.

Naked Tourist
(Parvati Records) Germany

Naked Tourist is the project of two sound freax who crashed together in 1999. Martin aka Z-Neo deals with PC, music and midi since 1992. His musical background is based in the Breakbeat-scene and after completing successfully his education in audio engineering at S.A.E. College FFM, Z-Neo decided to move to Berlin where he met Bjorn aka DJ Iguana who was djing psychedelic music since 1999.
The guys started to share an apartment and a promising music community: the first track was done and Iguana got the chance to play it on several parties.
As the feedback from the audience and different record labels were throughout positive, they realised how big fun was to see the crowd enjoying their work so they decided to continue the story.
They have got some tracks released on different labels and now their first album, MAD DIFFERENT METHODS, for Parvati Records.
Iguana's dj style fits to the Parvati-sound and his sets are always for the nightime floors.

(Pete The Moon) France

Tribadelik Live Performance (ethno trance-floor) is an electro-acoustic trio, created by Dj Lutin Des Bois, the founder of Secret Vibes but in a more free spirit, advantage turned to the impro and aiming rather at the dance-floor, with Didgeridoos, Drums & Percs, Groove Machines, and talented guest.
The story LDB system is basically a trio. On stage, the musicians (Grooves-Machines, Didgeridoo, Drums & Percs) perform a continuous jam-session with high content of energy! This trio can be joined by guests (Flute, Guitars, voice & various Percs) coming from the band "Secret Vibes" or from other musical projects. LDB system is a combo practising a kind of Tribal and Psychedelic Trance with pumping progressive elements. The band, created by DJ Lutin des Bois, the founder of Secret Vibes, but in a more free spirit, is advantagely turned towards the improvisation and the spontaneous expression of a festive and ancestral energy.

Chill Out
(ambiant to progressive)

(Domo Rec/StereOrganic) France

Siam Factor
(Oréadjs) France

(Psysurfeur, France)

(Neotek) France

(Rhakti Dei Festival) Belgium

20¤ (prévente dans tout le reseau FNAC)



We are decoration crew made by two people who are trying to make the party place more colorful, more creative. Our decorations are abstract, some of them are concret. We try to express how we perceive the universe, the divinity, the organic and unorganic world, the female and male elemental. We try to work with the place of the party to do it more various. All our effort is made because we love painting, because of psytrance freaks who are our motivation to do our decos better and better and because we love the atmosphere for the psychedelic parties and its music of course.
For better idea of our decorations, you can check our website: [click here].

Since 1998 we have been decorating the parties. We decos the party in the Europe and few of them we decored in Asia. Cybofunk crew was found in 2003, before that we were part of Flurobotanics decoration crew.



Glaz’art, Porte De La Villette, Paris (metro 7)


A girl calll kimmm   
To Jean Jacquesss (ldb//secret vibes) sans lui on pourait pas faire la fete.
Tout les organisator en france qui croit on nousss
Psyspirit Family
Kristof et la Freaky Dragon Family
Will Shiva Project
Toto World Piratess et la Family
Manu William et Karine family

Next Stops on the World   

Berlin (Germany)
Valencia (Spain)
Lisabon (Portugal)
San Francisco (Usa)
Mexico-City (Mexico)