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new cd's by usta

new cd's by usta

Started by usta, 29 April 2005 à 12:14:05

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Optokoppler – Replugged
Usta rec. 2005

After releasing a track on the first Drugless compilation (Sie nannten ihn locke) Optokoppler are out with their debut album!

Oliver Schmidt and Tim Rskn, both 26 from Hamburg – Germany, discovered the world of psy-trance at 98' and started producing music.
Olli is a sound engineer so he is the man for technicality and Tim relates more to the composition side. each one of them dj'ed on his own and after combining together at 03' they preformed in many big events and mostly in  underground parties of the psy-trance scene in Germany.

Their first Album - Replugged is a combination between dark full-on and happy dance-floor music. The nature of their sound is very German - clear, sharp and accurate… Along the way you will bump into beautiful vocals and uplifting beats, the kind of music that makes you want to start dancing in secret forests but you will enjoy it none the less in a close club with a hard, smooth wood floor…
The cd sale as always by:
for more info' please contact us @

Psytekk – Space Syndrome

Just 1 year after his debut album, dj Psytekk is back with brand new materials in a new album.
Psytekk is Hanan Bitton, only 21 years old but full of talent.
Hanan started playing trance music from a very young age, and was discovered by U.S.T.A during his army service, when he was only 19, which means he could only perform here in Israel and only on weekends and/ or vacations.
Since then he finished his service and managed to perform all over the world, in places like Japan, Italy, Portugal and more.
Hanan defines his music as a combination between tech-trance, psycadelic and full-on all together.
Unlike "Good Purpose", Hanan's first album which is mostly dark full-on, "Space Syndrome" is much lighter. The new sounds he used are much more gentle to the ear and yet very energetic and happy for the body, the kind of music that sweeps everyone into the dance floor and won't let them out.
Each track tells its story and takes you on a psycadelic journey as it grows, it makes you feel as if you're floating on a higher level for a few minutes and then softly putting you down.
Only one year later but the boy had definitely matured, a lot of it thanks to the family he belongs to – U.S.T.A rec. and his mentor Zoo-B.   
The cd sale true
For booking and info' please contact
usta office: shenakin 19 tel Aviv 035259066

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