Exchange samples, presets, banks and makes psytrance together

Started by spacer, 19 August 2005 à 10:40:26

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I have idea to find people in this community, which wants to make music together.
Basicly one possibility is exchange sounds via or some ftp (as audio samples) and making treks separetelly with exchanged/shared sounds with other peoples.
just one thing:
via this server we can exchange sounds and its no problem (to 1GB capacity:) or we have other possibilities.. I think about ftp somewhere..
One more:
this topic was created, because many times I try to understand, why peoples from open community doesn't making treks together, why ?
I trying to understand and find people with opened minds and what doesn't have fear about their creation as I am I think. When do you have some good treks, you want to listen feedback, you find other listeners for it, so why don't make trek together, try it and make next sense to this generation. exchange samples between peoples and make some psytrance.. Somebody has good own samples, somebody has good inspiration, how to arranged your tunes in trek/s/..
Informations about me: Im from Prague in Czech, Im 26. I have daughter Kristynka (Kiki)and GF called Gabca (Shakti).
I have child 9 month old girl named Kristyna and works for keep alive family. I don't have many time for composing as years ago, but still I want to make it.
Im sorry for englih
What about you?
What do you think about it?

We can have more possibilities.. any suggestions?
To exchanged sounds send me email:

For peoples which wants to cooperate with me, here is the link for free exchange

If link will doesn't work, try this one

or this one


"I try to understand many times, why peoples from this open community doesn't make more tracks together or exchange own samples in wav format 44.1Hz.. why?"

thanks for your time x


Hi all,
I want to thanks Cooper for his tip on y**sendit server.

just now Im working with 2 people from Slovakia and one from Shicago.
Hope to find here next peoples to make tracks together..
Idea is simple.
Everyone can make own sounds, track.
We share our tunes and send to each other who wants to join this free community.
It really works on and gives inspirations.

Here I send you link for next my sounds stuff I maked in Dream station
44100Hz, stereo, fx.. synth, atmo

Suggestions are welcomed

For this time I have limit up to 3MB on my web. If anyone knows about better free server, please let me know.

"Many things you will live, when you try to make it real"


How we make it?

We make any sounds. We exchange sounds. We make tracks (anyone can make arrange in own favourite soft for this) and can send tracks for feedback and inspiration
I use Cubase.
Tunes created in Dream station, Absynth, Vanguard, Hydra, Imposcar, FM-7 ..
Sampler used is Kontakt.
From the historical view I created many sounds in wav audio format, will be presets and banks too later.
Before years I used Buzz studio with tracker, modular.

"Many things you will live, when you try to make it real"


champfleuri c'est le genre de quartier où bruler les feux rouges vous est fortement conseillé par la police...


We have new ftp..
enjoy the exchanging and contact me on for more informations



Hi guys,
thanks you for keep ftp alive.
We have about 25 users just to this time. Its on start and we hope it is good way for you to get inspiration, experiences from others and if you want, you can share your stuff and experiences with others.
Its not commercial product, we want to share our stuff and experiences and keep this nice music alive and goes on to next still better times :)

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