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Title: iono-music festival canceled
Post by: gerrard on 08 June 2010 à 12:08:39
Dear IONO-friends and party people,

The IONO team, deeply regret having to inform you
that we have canceled the 2010 IONO festival.

As you will understand, the decision of this cancellation was not easy
For us because this festival was meant to be a gathering of a special kind,
a family meeting outside of cyberspace, for us and our artists.
And we wanted to celebrate our 5th anniversary with you, in a special

At the end of the last year we found a very nice place, which has a great
Appeal to us and which has also excelled our expectations related to the
needs and interests we had for this festival. And afterwards we found out
that also the local authorities are open for our concept, we have
started our first prearrangements and advertising with much positive
energy on our side. But during our mission to do something good, special
and unforgettable, we have heard voices of misgiving, coming from parts
of the surrounded community at this location, caused by ignorance about
the happiness and lust for life on such event. But it has always been
very important for us to know all residents behind this festival,
including those people who are not directly involved. But after taking
everything into account carefully, we decided that we don’t want to
assume compromises which could risk a jaunty celebration. After we
realized that, we have intensely searched for a alternative location and
inspected some more places. One of which was as good as the original location,
but after we concentrated on this one, we received new licensing
requirements and orders for it almost every day. Finally none of the
alternative, locations could fulfill the claims of quality which IONO is known for.

With a very heavy heart we have decided now that we will let this event
take place one year later, in 2011
Until then we have enough time to concentrate on the enlightenment and
on doing a greater deal of convincing with the residents of our
first-choice-location. We also do this because the local authorities
have offered us every possible support for our festival. So this
decision seems to be best for us, also when it has been made while or
even because the presales of the IONO Festival has massively overmatched
our expectations. A fact, which motivates us to do a perfect job in 2011.

We honestly apologize to everybody, who has dedicated a note in his
party-planner for our festival and to whom we have caused any
inconvenience with this decision. We will be refunding all presale tickets to our loyal early bird gang.

Sorry for everything! We are hoping to see you on the IONO festival in
2011, please watch out for uno insulte pleaseates on our webpage.

Yours IONO Team