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General psytrance / Re: VA - The Mystery of Crysta...
Last post by tranceforce - 03 February 2016 à 18:43:53
Il y a dans cette tracklist quelques perles !  ;)
Artistes et Musique / Re: [SUNCDEP01] E-Mantra aka. ...
Last post by tranceforce - 03 February 2016 à 18:42:24
Une ambiance dark et profonde, j'aime beaucoup ce nouveau projet d'E-Mantra  ;D
Artistes et Musique / [Remix Pack] Free Download (Ma...
Last post by Loose Records - 24 January 2016 à 13:31:51
Get a head start and download the Remix Pack for “Jumping in the Line”. The package includes:

- Original cubase 5 project file
- All original WAV files
- Complete MIDI tracks

Download Link:

Original Track:

General psytrance / VA - The Mystery of Crystal Wo...
Last post by Global Sect Music - 18 January 2016 à 18:58:41

The music label Global Sect Music is glad to present an experimental project based on a fantasy action-poem "The Mystery of Crystal Worlds".
Together, with brave wizard Ivan, you will go into an unforgettable adventure, full of magic and dangerous, to get the freedom and find mysterious Green Emerald.


Part I
The Crystal Words
1. Psy-H Project - Crystal Worlds
2. Sirius - Intergalactic
3. Filteria - Nyad of the Infinite Sea
4. Celestial Intelligence - Infinity
5. Artifact303 - Life Support System
6. Mindsphere - Divine Intervention
7. Katedra - Radiointerference
8. Centavra Project - Capsula
9. Zirrex - Born Of Osiris

Part II
Endless Glade
1. Psy-H Project - Dark Matter
2. Kurandini - Brahamantra
3. Liquid Flow - Radiation
4. Artifact303 - Future Power
5. Morphic Resonance - Moonwalker
6. Celestial Intelligence - Crystal Gazer
7. Artifact303 - Black Light
8. Imba & Somnesia - Astral Travellers
9. Alienapia vs. Khetzal - Endless Glade

Part III
Greenish Emerland
1. Celestial Intelligence - Minding of the Universe
2. Skarma - Animoniae
3. Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe
4. MerrOw - Burning Universe
5. Nova Fractal & OXI & E-Mantra - Stargate
6. Artifact303 - Tropical Sunset (Trance Dance rmx)
7. Psy-H Project - Brahma Samhita
8. Mindsphere - Seek for Happines
9. Artifact303 - Family of Light


Download mp3+Poem:

Byu CD:


Listen, friend, the voice of Space,
Singing high the words of aeon,
Bout Ivan and Sacred Place,
Taking you from here to thereon.

Bout the fungi trip spiralled
In the universe evolving,
Bout the Grinnish Emerald
Thou is gist of life - key solving.
General psytrance / :: N.A.S.A. :: Bookings :: Liv...
Last post by psylicious - 13 January 2016 à 15:59:01

N.A.S.A.'s musical magic is about to touch down onto you, evoking dance floor memories from Ozora 2013.


N.A.S.A. Links & Information

Information & Bookings




General psytrance / Out Now!! N.A.S.A. - Re-Releas...
Last post by psylicious - 13 January 2016 à 15:50:07


01: All That Remains
02: Addicted to Sin
03: A Bit Closer to Heaven
04: Mindfly - Being Arrogant(N.A.S.A. Remix)
05: Legolam
06: Absolute Magnetism
07: Penetration Generation
08: Flodekaramel
09: Menage A Trois
10: Daylight
11: Snaredrop
12: Someone to Watch Over Me
13: Chemical Religion
14: Log On
15: Sloppy Noodle
16: Cherry Lips
17: Delysid
18: Lulu
19: Unfaithful
20: Mortal Coil
21: Ultrasaved
22: Ultrasaved(Remix)

Re-Releases is a collectible album release by N.A.S.A. boasting 22 tracks previously released and now available to buy from Bandcamp.

N.A.S.A. needs little introduction, his trade mark sound has echoed throughout the psychedelic scene for many years and, seen him play at some of the most established and reputable parties and festivals the scene has to offer.

Re-Releases contains all the flavours of progressive psytrance and deep psytrance music that N.A.S.A. is well known for. Deep hypnotic tones combined with spine tingling melodies, infused with groundbreaking bass lines are all within this splendid collection of music that is an engineered timeline of audio pleasure for all listeners, fans and you guessed it, trance
floors. Enjoy!

Available to preview and buy at


N.A.S.A. Links & Information

Information & Bookings



General psytrance / Weejoonz - Implosion Switch EP
Last post by Patgap Music - 09 January 2016 à 17:11:58
Artist:  Weejoonz
Title:  Implosion Switch EP
Artwork & Design:  Valeria Razumova
Genre:  Forest
Format:  Digital, Wav (16 bits)
Length:  42:08
Mastering: Sergey Nazarenko @ Enichkin Studio
Label:  Patgap Music
Release date: 9 January 2016


01. Weejoonz - Flyowiz (150 bpm)
02. Weejoonz - Hoha (147 bpm)
03. Weejoonz - Flute & Fault (150 bpm)
04. Weejoonz - Wiznest (150 bpm)


Release description:

Behold our first interstellar EP by the Russian dark psy duo - Weejoonz - Implosion Switch!!

Since universe under influence of internal factors started metamorphing and evolving coaxial sound waves began to pour out from within into supernatural sonic recovery.

W&P: Alex Zharov & Yury Korolkov

All tracks written and performed by  Alex Zharov & Yury Korolkov @ Moscow, Russia.

2016 Patgap Music.

© PatGap
Music Making / PsySeeD - High Tech Loops and ...
Last post by speedsound - 03 January 2016 à 18:14:03

Pack Preview:

Featuring unique elements created by PsySeeD Records this unique Heavy High Tech sample pack will revolutionise your productions. The download includes a comprehensive collection of High Tech loops and samples includes kick drums, basses, atmospheres, drum loops, uplifter and miscellaneous effects, leads, synths, percussion and much more!

Download this enormous Psy sample pack now and get more than 1.3 GB of samples and loops in high quality WAV format ready for instant use in your productions. Samples are BPM Labelled.

download now:


Artistes et Musique / Ohm Mind - Birds Will Go To Ha...
Last post by Ohm Mind - 28 December 2015 à 20:22:54


    Angkor Thom
    Unleash The Ohm
    Out Of Galaxy
    Doors Of Imagination
    Singing Owls
    Ultimate State Of Consciousness
    Cosmic Trance
    Birds Will Go To Heaven

All tracks written and produced by Jérémy Cambon

Artwork by Richpa @ Neogoa Design
Mastering by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs
General psytrance / Re: Daksha - Purity EP (Damaru...
Last post by Cgfew - 25 December 2015 à 05:46:38
pourquoi il y a pas mis a jour de plus ? personne ?

etui nexus 6p housse nexus 6p
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