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Artistes et Musique / Re: [SUNCDEP01] E-Mantra aka. ...
Last post by Suntrip Records - 01 December 2015 à 12:45:43
For the ones that missed it... E-Mantra is back! He just released a mini-album under his Night Hex alter ego on Suntrip Records! More slow, deeper, still melodic but more sinister and with a unique almost proggie-touch!

This release is now also available on Psyshop and all other cd-shops! (of course it will stay available on our own Suntrip shop of course, and bandcamp, and and and...) :)

Enjoy, and let us know what you think of it! :)
General psytrance / VA - The Twilight Core Vol. 2 ...
Last post by phonix - 29 November 2015 à 20:25:20
Title : VA â€" Twilight Core Vol. 2
Label : Phonix Records
Cat no. : PHODIGI015
Format : Digital download
Release Date: (BeatPort 2 Week Exclusive)
World Wide Release: 4th December, 2015
Mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering Studios, South Africa

Artwork by Ishikawa and Omega Flight

We at Phonix Records firmly believe in the saying of one good turn deserving another. And with that thought in mind, for our next adventure, Ishikawa chose to revisit an old chapter... And so after almost 2 years - it was time to resurrect the nexus which encompasses many of the secrets that gave birth to the Phonix Laboratories- the Twilight Core is back and ready for action!

On initiating the core, a surge of power sweeps the scene leaving behind Omega Flight (UK) and newcomer Aquedeux (ZA) leading the way forward with the "Order of Chaos"... A sinister story full of inky darkness, it slowly creeps its way forth from the minds of these two sonic alchemists. Following suite, a new face of the Twilight Core emerges â€" the new deeper and darker side project of Phonix boss Etnarama - NNP (PT/UK). Stretching the human consciousness to the very edge, this delicious concoction will drive some listeners "Insane" with its relentless beats and haunting melodies.

Now left to contend with the energy center of the Twilight Core, here Mexican manipulator Roby presents his powerful retelling of X-Side's menacing "Dominate". Roby's unique take on this classic leaves no doubt as to why it was picked as a runner up winner of the Dominate Remixes competition hosted jointly by X-Side (Mexico) and Phonix Records. Not to be outdone, Spanish beat hacking duo â€" Psycho System â€" return with their single minded dedication to the transmutation of sonic waves resulting in the "Revival of Energy". An awesome story with melodies that resonate strongly with the will of the Twilight Core! 

And so as the resonance reaches a frantic crescendo, listeners are treated to an intense and deep understanding of the inner workings of the Twilight Core. It’s a place for introspection where one can retreat unto themselves only to discover with the help of Aquedeux - the mysteries of "Subconscious Telepathy". A marvelous yet haunting experience which couples lush soundscapes with powerful rhythms. To end things, sonic wizard Zabot (PT) leads the way into the realms of the "Golden Age". A goa inspired epic where one understands the nature of the Twilight Core and its mysterious purpose in modern human society.

With this, the 15th release from Phonix Records, we are proud to continue supporting the music and the artists we believe in! The Twilight Core not only represents the many forms and shapes the music we love takes, but it is also our way of thanking the fellow aliens and friends who identify and continue to support our mission. Now is not the time for any further words, now is the time for the Twilight Core.


1.   Omega Flight vs Aquedeux - Order of Chaos [147 BPM]
Written and produced by Derren Nuttall at Omega Flight Studio, United Kingdom and Robyn de Jager at Aquedeux Studio, South Africa

2.   NNP â€" Insane [147 BPM]
Written and produced by Paulo Etnarama at Luxbuna Studio, United Kingdom/Portugal

3.   X-Side â€" Dominate (Roby RMX) [146 BPM]
Original written and produced by Luis Cruz at X-Side Studio, Mexico; remixed by Roby Martinez Cantu at Roby Studio, Mexico

4.   Psycho System â€" Revival of Energy
Written and produced by David Iglesias and Sergio Cano at Psycho System Studio, Spain

5.   Zabot â€" Golden Age
Written and produced by Daniel Zabot at Zabot Studio, Portugal

6.   Aquedeux â€" Subconscious Telepathy [145 BPM]
Written and produced by Robyn de Jager at Aquedeux Studio, South Africa

Track 3 originally released by MMD records and X-Side, released by Phonix Records with permission


Soon on shops everywhere such as:

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General psytrance / VA - Riders on the Storm [Soni...
Last post by sonictantra - 27 November 2015 à 09:48:10

Download Free in HD WAV [48 Khz / 24 bit], WAV, and MP3.

01 â€" Kalilaskov AS â€" We Came in Peace [147 BPM]
02 â€" Saga â€" Alchemy To Harmony [170 BPM]
03 â€" Dhrupad â€" The Wild Child [173 BPM]
04 â€" aGh0Ri TanTriK â€" Evil Inside Remix [190 BPM]
05 â€" Cyberbaba â€" Cybernetic Omkara [164 BPM]
06 â€" aGh0Ri TanTriK â€" Good Bye Evil World [190 BPM]
07 â€" Sick Lion â€" Death Signal [200 BPM]
08 â€" Parasite â€" Maha Avatar [190 BPM]
09 â€" Psydrax â€" I’m Not Crazy [175 BPM]
10 â€" Mr. Hades â€" Therapy [184 BPM]
11 â€" M.M.C. â€" Kto zdes [172 BPM]

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Artistes et Musique / Open Source - Psycho Bitch (Li...
Last post by xubuntu - 17 November 2015 à 07:06:54

The crazy bitch is here. Walking all alone, she's all dressed up and knocking at your door. Better not touch her, she'll burst your bubble. Vital hormones on legs, she is ready to blow your life apart. Unpredictable, independent, dangerous.. spicy-sweet temptation that you need to stay away from. And when she makes herself comfortable, you know you are in trouble. She presses play and you hear this crazy mix from your stereo speakers that sounds demented. A psychedelic blend of some classics remixed, all combined and perfectly suited to make you feel strained. When her final act is all over, you're left standing here alone, changed, reborn.

01. Source Code & Enarxis - Five Spirits (Open Source rmx)
02. Open Source - Planet Blue (final edit)
03. Open Source - High Progressive (short edit)
04. Enarxis - Human Interface (Open Source rmx)
05. Michael Jackson - Bad (Open Source rmx)
06. The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Open Source rmx)
07. Open Source - Mousiki (extended edit)
08. The Prodigy - No Good (Open Source rmx)
09. Odyssee Of Noises - Firedance (Open Source rmx)
10. Open source - In Cyclones (short edit)

Free download in full mp3 quality from:
Facebook | Ghost Label Archive | Soundcloud
General psytrance / Wishi & Friends - Overconsumpt...
Last post by bhooteshwara - 13 November 2015 à 01:18:18
Bhooteshwara Records is proud to present its ninth physical release. This release is a collaboration album of the new russian artist called Wishi who has already released numerous tracks on different labels such as Bhooteshwara, Basic Algorithm, Badgers and Green Wizards rec.

This project took him one year to complete, collaborating with numerous well known artists around the globe. This 10 track album is meant for the true psychedelic music lovers and it is a blend between night-forest sounds and more dynamic powerfull dancefloor themes. Artists that appear on this album are: Blisargon Demogorgon, Claw, Skyhigh Pirates, Synthetik Chaos, Pantomiman, SorrowMurk, Fungus Funk, Fobi, Wider, RomaDJ and Makumba.


01. Wishi & Blisargon Demogorgon - Overconsumption

02. Wishi & Claw - Nevermind

03. Wishi & Skyhigh Pirates - Too Mutch

04. Wishi & Synthetik Chaos - Imputation Matrix

05. Wishi & Pantomiman - Freddy Aerobics

06. Wishi & SorrowMurk - Disinformaton

07.Wishi & Fungus Funk - Create Yourself

08. Wishi & Fobi - Time Does Not Matter

09. Wishi & Wider & Romadj - Pitch Witch Rmx

10. Wishi & Wider & Makumba - Polar Twist


RELEASE DATE: 21 November 2015

Title : Overconsumption
Artist : Various Artist
Format : Digipack CD
Cover Design : Denis Sorokin
Mastered by : Blisargon Demogorgon
Cat.Nr. : BHOOTCD009
Worldwide Distribution : Beatspace
La Trance et Vous / 16/01/2016 - 2 Ă©dition de la ...
Last post by Ayaska - 08 November 2015 à 15:32:33

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬٠•●[taille3][g]♪♫ PSYMIND #2 [/g][/taille3]♫♪●•٠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Le plus gros rendez-vous Trance de Marseille revient ! Fortes de leur collaboration, les associations Transubtil et les Merry Pranksters vous convient à une soirée dantesque au rythme de la trance et de la psytrance. Jamais le Dock des Suds n’avait été aussi métamorphosé. Trois scènes vous attendent, réunissant les plus grands talents internationaux et locaux, pour une nuit sans pareil. La « PROG STAGE », la « PSY STAGE » et la « FRIEND’S STAGE » verront au total défiler plus de 28 artistes : une sélection musicale longtemps réfléchie afin vous offrir une traversée complète de notre univers sonore.

Off-beat, progressive, psy prog, psytrance, psygressive, dark : tous les styles de trance seront mis en lumière pour une expérience complète et unique. Un condensé de magie et beaucoup de folie pour faire de cette soirée un voyage éphémère exceptionnel. Décorations et performances insolites envahiront les lieux afin de vous transporter dans un univers complètement décalé: la promesse d’une soirée dont vous vous souviendrez. La Psymind se veut être une véritable ode à la trance : une soirée sur mesure où s’entremêlent à merveille musique et arts psychédéliques.

Et vous, avez-vous l’esprit Psymind ?



▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ [taille3][g]♪ PROGRESSIVE STAGE ♪ [/g][/taille3]▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂
                                     [g]Salle des sucres[/g]

[g]ACE VENTURA[/g] - (Iboga Rec â€" IsraĂ«l)

[g]MORTEN GRANAU[/g] (SpinTwist / 432 Rec â€" Danemark)

[g]VINI VICI[/g] â€" (Iboga Rec â€" IsraĂ«l)

[g]MANDRAGORA[/g] â€" (USN Agency / Black sheep â€" Mexique)

[g]HATIKWA[/g] - (Multiplex Rec â€" Allemagne)

[g]KIPI VIBRATION [/g]â€" (Opsygen â€" France)

[g]KOKMOK[/g] â€" (Transubtil / Hadra â€" France)

[g]AYASKA[/g] â€" (Transubtil â€" France)

[g]TRANSMUTATION DB[/g] â€" (Happy Face â€" France)

[g]CEZZ[/g] â€" (Transubtil â€" France)

▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇[taille3] [g]♪ PSYCHEDELIC STAGE ♪[/g][/taille3] ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂
                                         [g]Salle Cabaret[/g]

[g]KOXBOX[/g] â€" (ZĂ©ro One Music â€" Ibiza)

[g]MAD MAXX [/g]â€" (United Beat Records â€" Espagne)

[g]DIRTY SAFFI [/g]â€" (Bomshanka â€" Angleterre)

[g]DUST[/g] â€" (Looney Moon / Italie)

[g]PSYBERPUNK[/g] â€" (Shaman Electro Rec â€" Suisse)

[g]FREQUENCY LESS[/g] â€" (TEK Rec. / Luminus Music â€" Espagne)

[g]MISS TEKIX vs HEAVY FAWN[/g] â€" (Transubtil â€" France)

[g]MENTAL DROP[/g] â€" (Ovni Rec. â€" France)

[g]SHRED'ER[/g] â€" (Transubtil/Nataraja Rec. â€" France)

▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇[taille3] [g]♪ FRIEND’S STAGE ♪[/g][/taille3] ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂
                                     [g]Salon Rouge[/g]

[g]PAT LE PIRATE[/g] â€" (Orbeat Digital â€" France)

[g]SANLAYANA[/g] â€" (Suraja Project â€" France)

[g]SAW DEEP[/g] â€" (Kiri Crew â€" France)

[g]AKINAX[/g] â€" (Apylipsy â€" France)

[g]SWAM[/g] â€" (Buena Onda â€" France)

[g]SPARROW[/g] â€" (Freaky Carnival â€" France)

[g]TITEP TETRIP[/g] â€" (Titep Family / Tantra Music â€" France)

[g]OIKIA[/g] â€" (Les Enfants Adorent â€" France)

[g]YAGSA[/g] â€" (Transubtil â€" France)



[g]Prévente conseiller [/g]
Phase 1: 25â,¬ (+ frais de loc)

Electroticket :
Carrefour :
Auchan :

En boutique :

Évènement interdit aux mineurs (les mineurs entre 16 et 18 ans, accompagnés d’une personne majeure, sont autorisés).


12 rue Urbain V

Nous vous incitons Ă  pratiquer le covoiturage, en utilisant notamment le site web
Par autoroute A55 : sortie N°4
Par autoroute A7: Sortie N°3
Par autoroute A50 par les tunnels Prado-Carénage, Vieux-Port, La Major : sortie « Les ports »

A 25 minutes à pied de la Canebière.
Station vélo la plus proche : boulevard de Dunkerque.

Ligne 2 â€" ArrĂŞt DĂ©sirĂ©e Clary
T2 â€" ArrĂŞt Terminus Arenc

ArrĂŞt Euromed Arenc
ArrĂŞt Euromed Arenc
ArrĂŞt Euromed Arenc
ArrĂŞt Euromed Arenc
ArrĂŞt Euromed Arenc



Si vous venez de loin, vous trouverez un hébergement à proximité du Dock des Suds sur le site de Trivago en fonction de vos besoins et votre budget.

A deux pas du Dock des Suds :
Un appart-hôtel est une résidence de tourisme classée, proposant à une clientèle touristique et d’affaires la location d’appartements meublés, pour des séjours de courtes et longues durées.
118-120 rue de Ruffi 13002 Marseille â€" â€"
Hôtel 4* au coeur du centre de Marseille,bordé par la façade maritime. Desservi par le tramway et le métro : ligne directe pour la gare SNCF. Restaurant partenaire, parking public. Suites avec loggias et terrasse à la demande.
33, boulevard de Dunkerque 13002 â€" â€"
Idéalement situé, à quelques minutes des principaux sites touristiques (tramway ou métro), il propose 192 chambres climatisées avec Wifi offert, dont 5 accessibles aux personnes à mobilité réduite ainsi qu’un restaurant Café Pasta Pizza avec terrasses en extérieur.
25, boulevard de Dunkerque 13002 Marseille â€" 04.91.99 25.20 â€"

Prenez vos précautions : les objets sensibles pour la sécurité ou la réglementation (dangereux ou volumineux, casques, couteaux, appareils photos, aérosols, enregistreurs, marqueurs, toutes nourritures et boissons …) sont interdits dans l’enceinte du Dock des Suds.
Artistes et Musique / [SUNCDEP01] E-Mantra aka. Nigh...
Last post by Suntrip Records - 08 November 2015 à 14:36:26

So... Night Hex is the alter ego of E-Mantra, but this is different… slower, deeper, more progressive, more atmospheric and a little darker!
Ever since his latest release, Echoes from the Void, Emmanuel Carpus had questions about the best track on this cd under his name “Night Hex”. This inspired him to make a mini-album with this kind of music… A mini-album? Yes! As Suntrip is about old school, let’s go back to the golden 90s, when flat jewel case cd-singles were still a part of the scene!

The music on this cd is different from earlier E-Mantra work… He likes to call it next level darker progressive with melodies and hypnotic dreamy sounds. And that sums it all up!

Samples can be found below:

Title: Night Hex - Vizuini Nocturne
Release date: 18 oct 2015
Total Time: 41 minutes
1. Night Visitors
2. Sleep Paralysis
3. Distorted Visions
4. Ninive under the Stars
5. Katharsis

For sale only in the Suntrip shop & bandcamp at the moment!  :)

Thanks for the support and keep goa-trance alive!
Music Making / Acid25 [Ableton Live Project]
Last post by speedsound - 05 November 2015 à 18:34:58

Track Preview:

Loopz Kontrol presents an amazing Progressive Psy project for Ableton Live 9.1.10 users. This project features powerful baselines, hypnotic melodies, psychedelic ambiances and FX. The project contains a mix of audio samples recordings, allowing the user to delve into the inner workings of a Psy-Progressive production. Please note that this download does not contain any MIDI tracks.

'Acid25' was inspired by well known Psy artists including Protonica, Vaishiyas, Protoculture & Flowjob.

Please Note: This project is compatible with Ableton Live 9.1.10 Suite and higher. This project has been created using audio loops and samples. MIDI clips are not provided in the download

No 3rd party plugins are required to load this project.

download now:


Artistes et Musique / [DATCD007] Pleiadians - I.F.O....
Last post by draeke - 28 October 2015 à 19:15:30

Pleiadians need no introduction and this is their Opera Maestra.
DAT are proud to reissue the original I.F.O. album together with an incredible live set and all their rare tracks produced between 1995 and 1997.

Released into a triple deluxe Digipak, it features a 12 page booklet featuring the history of the Pleiadians project and the chronicles of how the music was composed, refined and remixed. It is a stellar edition and a real collector’s item for whoever wants to own the most important album of the Italian Maestros.


CD1 Pleiadians - I.F.O. Live
01. Pleiadians - Merope
02. Pleiadians - Alcyone
03. Pleiadians - Asterope
04. Pleiadians - Maia
05. Pleiadians - Electra
06. Pleiadians - Taygeta
07. Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians Live Mix)

CD2 Pleiadians - I.F.O. [I.dentified F.lying O.bject]
01. Pleiadians - Maia
02. Pleiadians - Taygeta
03. Pleiadians - Merope
04. Pleiadians - Alcyone
05. Pleiadians - Electra
06. Pleiadians - Asterope
07. Pleiadians - Celaeno
08. Pleiadians - Time Dilation

CD3 Pleiadians - Vinyl Tracks
01. Pleiadians - The Pleiadians
02. Pleiadians - Boarding Pass To Balangan
03. Pleiadians - Cyberland
04. Pleiadians - Sonic System
05. Pleiadians - Analogue Step
06. Pleiadians - Jungle Trax
07. Pleiadians - Zeta Reticuli
08. Pleiadians - Deep Frequencies

The music has been gently mastered, taking extra care in preserving the dynamics of the original recordings, after an attempt restoration process that was needed for many of the tracks found on the DAT tapes.
Prepare for an interstellar voyage, a joyride of space galactic music mayhem that will take you to places you cannot imagine!

Samples available here:

Pre-Orders will be available from the 31st October 2015 from
Official Release date: 4th December 2015
Music Making / Captain Monkey [Ableton Live P...
Last post by speedsound - 22 October 2015 à 02:14:44

Track Preview:

Ant-Alien returns with an amazing progressive psytrance offbeat project for Ableton Live 9.1.10 users.

This new project features insane bass lines, progressive melodies, vocals and psychedelic synths. The project contains a mix of audio and MIDI allowing the user to delve into the inner workings of a Psy-Progressive production.

This product was inspired by well known Psy Offbeat artists including Neelix, Mandragora, Capital Monkey, Berg, Captain Hook, Major7, Vini Vici, Symphonix, Klopfgeister & Interactive Noise.

Note: This project is compatible with Ableton Live 9.1.10 and higher. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of Ableton Live.

Product Specifications:

• 406 MB of Content
• Ableton Live 9.1.10 Template
• Audio & MIDI Included

download now:


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