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Artistes et Musique / [DATCD008] - VA - Anaog Trips ...
Last post by draeke - 03 May 2016 à 16:15:07
Hello everyone, it is with great pleasure that I can finally announce the upcoming release of the compilation VA - Analog Trips.
I am positive you will all be thrilled about this release as we were creating it, DJ Draeke and DJ Solitare.

It's the second of a series of three, that has as a theme the Analog sounds/vibrations and from Dreams we shifted towards Trips this time, denoting the music here is quite trippy in itself.
All the tracks have been carefully selected and tested and we are sure you'd like the diversity but also the consistency and the quality of the music contained.

With no further delays, here is the front cover and below the tracklist:


1 Medicine Drum - Angelic Force
W&P By Andy Guthrie, Chris Deckker

2 Elysium & Yaco Vam - Tears In The Rain
W&P By Kristian Thinning Andersen & Yacco Vijn

3 Gus BUS Till - That Sounds Swell!
W&P By Gus Till

4 Earglobe - Spherelobe
W&P By Simon Posford, Nick Barber

5 Excess Head - Expo
W&P By Graham Wood

6 Opale - Krakoa
W&P By Greg Bailay

7 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Lost & Found
W&P By Dick Trevor, Matt Coldrick & Andy Smith

8 Etnica - Human Geometry
W&P By Andrea Rizzo, Carlo Paternò, Maurizio Begotti, Max Lanfranconi

9 Doof - Giving Godhead
W&P By Nick Barber

And here you can hear the samples of said tracks:

Hopefully released sometimes in June 2016, as soon as it is pressed and delivered to the distributor, i will know an exact release date.
The release will have a wonderful 8 page booklet with histories about the tracks and how we found them, all nicely packaged as usual.
The graphic came out real nice and we wanted to dare a bit , with a lovely model that allowed us to use her portrait for this angelic compilation.

It will be available for purchase directly on DAT Records online shop, here:

Follow us on Facebook, here:

DJ Draeke & DJ Solitare

goa trance, psytrance, oldschool, dat records, unreleased
General psytrance / The Concept Nemesis - Exhausti...
Last post by phonix - 16 April 2016 à 17:45:32
Title : The Concept Nemesis " Exhausting the Limit
Label : Phonix Records
Cat no. : PHODIGI016
Format : Digital download
Release Date: 16th April 2016 (BeatPort 2 Week Exclusive)
World Wide Release: 30th April 2016
Mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering Studios, South Africa

Artwork by Omega Flight aka Ink Junkiez

With each passing moment, we fall further into the abyss. We as a civilization have only ourselves to blame for our self-destructive habits and the damage we inflict on this plant of ours. Why are we like this? What guides our actions into this spiral of chaos? That is the theme that Franco Sanchez, better known as The Concept Nemesis aka T.C.N (Mexico) - chose to explore. Having well deservedly won the X-Side “Dominate” RMXes competition last year, we at Phonix Records were more than happy to help this young beat twister spread his vision, and thus “Exhausting the Limit” was born.
This EP starts off of with a grim and introspective story of the “Happen”ings of today, a well thought romp into the realm the systematic chaos, thus setting the tone for what is to come. And in fitting fashion what follows is unsurprisingly, “Trouble”. A melody infused beast which keeps twisting and turning until the point it has you - body, mind and soul. As the adrenaline levels fall, you are left to contend with finding yourself “Outside” your comfort zone - there you can find perspective. What are we doing to this planet of ours? Why are we pushing it to the very brink? What can we do stop it? Where there is a will, there is a way - and Franco teams up with Mexican mastermind X-Side aka Luis Cruz to present the ultimate - “Weapon over mind”. An unrelenting story of defiance, filled with super charged melodies and turbo charged grooves - a true testament to the defiant human spirit which can accomplishing amazing things when working as one in perfect harmony!

With this EP, Phonix Records is proud to present - The Concept Nemesis - a primal force not to be taken lightly! Furthermore, we are happy to share his vision of appreciation for the world we inhabit and the collective respect for it, all living beings should share. Now, as you have done many times before and will do so for many moons more - take us to your speakers!


1. T.C.N " Happen [147 BPM]

2. T.C.N " Trouble [146 BPM]

3. T.C.N " Outside [147 BPM]

4. T.C.N vs X-Side " Weapon over Mind [146 BPM]

All tracks written and produced by Franco Sanchez @ The Concept Nemesis Studio, Mexico
Track 4 written by Luis Cruz and Franco Sanchez @ X-Side Studio, Mexico and The Concept Nemesis Studio, Mexico


Available on shops everywhere such as:


Juno Download


Still Fresh:
V/A " The Twilight Core Vol. 2

Thrillseeker " The Dawn

*More Info:

*Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!!

*For Bookings Info:
angad AT
phonix-records AT[/color]

Music Making / Xamanist - Bubbles - 140 bpm -...
Last post by Xamanist - 04 April 2016 à 13:05:55
Another preview of my upcoming album "7", pumping psychedelia meets oldschool nostalgia: "Bubbles"
Enjoy and comment please
Peace & Light
Artistes et Musique / Re: (Goa trance) Suntrip prese...
Last post by Suntrip Records - 04 April 2016 à 07:18:11

The newest Suntrip release, a 90s album of Toi Doi called Synaptic Electrophoresis, with darker, super psychedelic old school goa-trance is now available on our website, bandcamp etc! :)

Check the samples and realise... Goa-trance is entering into a different territory again! Enjoy the madness! :)
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General psytrance / EniChkin - Lukomorye (EP)
Last post by Patgap Music - 27 March 2016 à 13:59:46
Artist: Enichkin
Title: Lykomorye EP
Artwork & Design: Valeria Razumova
Genre: Psytrance
Format: Digital, Wav (16 bits)
Length: 41 mins 55 secs
Mastering: MadMaXstering
Label: Patgap Music
Release date: 18 March 2016


01. Enichkin - Tranquility (160 bpm) 12:00
02. Enichkin - Force Fields (159 bpm) 09:27
03. Enichkin - Trance Former (160 bpm) 09:48
04. Enichkin - Journey to Xland (160 bpm) 10:38


Release description:

Hurray!!! Patgap music is happy to present the second release: Enichkin  Lukomorye!!!
According to East Slavic mythology, Lukomorye  sacred space on the edge of the Universe, Navel of the World, a place where the World tree is found. The world tree is a colossal tree which supports the heavens, thereby connecting the heavens, the terrestrial world, and, through its roots, the underworld. There is a belief that the Gods use the World Tree to shift between different realities...

All tracks written and performed by Sergey Nazarenko @ Moscow, Russia.

© Patgap Music 2016 
Artistes et Musique / [GOA] Relativite Restreinte 80...
Last post by GoaPal - 24 March 2016 à 08:44:53
GOATRANCE - Relativite Restreinte

80min, 146bpm

01 | 0.00.00 | Dragon Twins - The Third Wave (Suntrip)
02 | 0.01.18 | Dimension 5 - Omega Centaurus (Imba Remix) (Neogoa)
03 | 0.08.59 | Nebula Meltdown - Encrypted Illusion (Suntrip)
04 | 0.14.41 | Artha - Sannjasin (Cronomi)
05 | 0.20.22 | Psychowave - Innertrip (Neogoa)
06 | 0.24.45 | Artha - Saikol (Cronomi)
07 | 0.28.16 | Psysutra - Air Trance Corporation (Cronomi)
08 | 0.34.50 | J.I.S - Aldebaran (Timewarp)
09 | 0.40.46 | M-Run - Spirit Implosion (Cronomi)
10 | 0.44.19 | Crossing Mind - Xtatic Confusion (Suntrip)
11 | 0.47.10 | Ra - Other Self (Suntrip)
12 | 0.53.05 | Nebula Meltdown - A Higher Pathway (Suntrip)
13 | 0.55.59 | J.I.S - Mind Therapy (Timewarp)
14 | 1.01.55 | New Born - Ineffaceable Moments (Cronomi)
15 | 1.04.59 | Tikki Masala - Ma Kali (Visionary Shamanics)
16 | 1.08.42 | Psysutra - Postcard From Goa (Cronomi)

Upcoming dates:
16/4/2016 @ Spirit of Psychodelic 1994-2016 ( Birthday Party ), SWISS
14/5/2016 @ Lost Tribe, ISRAEL
28/5/2016 @ SUNTEK - The Underground Outdoor Tekno Battle !, BELGIUM
2/7/2016 (as Love'n'Light) @ Magic SphereS, FRANCE
29/7/2016 @ United Spirit, BELGIUM
27/9/2016 @ Connection Festival, SPAIN

Open for booking :)
Artistes et Musique / (Goa trance) Suntrip presents:...
Last post by Suntrip Records - 21 March 2016 à 09:31:21
Here you find samples of the new Toi Doi retro-album that will be released on Suntrip Records the 1st of april! (and this is not a joke) :)

French veteran Gilles Coia is known since the 90s, releasing over 5 albums on various labels ! We managed to dig into old archives of the late 90s and early 2000s, and this is the result : darker, super psychedelic old schoolish goa-trance !

The album starts with long, hypnotic, darker goa-trance tracks, slowly entering more melodic, spiralling territories ! The second part has more twisted, but still melodic, tracks with unexpected turns allover the place.

Everyone who likes their goa-trance different, This is your chance ! Back to the twisted, more psychedelic 90s ! Enjoy the madness !

This album is crystal-clear mastered by Tim Schuldt!
Music Making / Random Mode - Electronic LSD (...
Last post by Xamanist - 14 March 2016 à 09:12:22
Random Mode - Electronic LSD (Xamanist RMX)
Preview from my upcoming album "7"
Enjoy and comment please!
Peace & Light
Music Making / Digital Nature Records Present...
Last post by dizkal - 07 March 2016 à 13:48:15
Digital Nature Records is very proud to announce the launch of Infinity, the brilliant debut solo EP/Single by French producer Dizkal (Jose-Luc Ortiz), a progressive trance DJ and producer since 2010 Dizkal produces a unique style of ultra groovy tracks with an original approach and fresh perspective.
Infinity features 2 explosive brand new original tracks filled with sonic progressive grooves, uplifting musical ideas, carefully crafted rhythmic transitions and masterful sound quality, creating an amazing musical journey and an excellent DJ tool. Must Have Release!

Now available on all music stores

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