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Title: Opsy - Haustor EP (SMR007) OUT NOW!!!
Post by: SoundmuteRec on 01 November 2008 à 22:05:38
OPSY - Haustor EP (SMR007)


Night...forest...fog...lake...creepy noises...abandoned train station...sound of chains & rusty engines...WIND in INDUSTRIAL!!! All that You can have in one visual picture during listening sound of this project. OPSY!!!
Behind the OPSY project is Vladislav Radulovic aka Kanc Cover (1979) from Cacak/Belgrade, Serbia, the man who is in projects called X-Raything, Goasia. Was also member of Tech House project Dirty Cover till he started solo project. Newly formed project OPSY (founded in June 2006) is in fact a mixture of night psy sound with the eventual mechanical motives expressed in the form of ambient FXs and with tech groove & sub bass lines. In all of his production you can hear mostly techno loops no matter if it?s ambient, down tempo or 4x4 track. For his music Opsy say that is Night Progress with techno trance beats. Most of the tracks are more like deep industrial techno. Usual beat per minutes of Opsy tracks is from 125 to 140 bpm.

More about project:

Artist:  Orbit Psy aka OPSY
Album: Haustor EP
Genre: Progressive night techno trance
Label:  Soundmute recordings
Catalogue: SMR007
Tracks: 3
Format: Digital
Distributer: Beat port & Juno download
Release date: November 2008
mastering by Darko Kanacki ::

Track list:
A1: Reactor 4
A2: Data Expired
B1: Haustor

Artist info:

Preview samples:

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Title: Re : Opsy - Haustor EP (SMR007) OUT NOW!!!
Post by: SoundmuteRec on 20 November 2008 à 10:25:17