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Title: Goatracks - Special Shivlink Records
Post by: goatracks on 06 March 2008 à 14:16:16
Goatracks invites to you a "Special Shivlink Records" with a catalogue of talented artists such as,
Analog Pussy, Ananda Shake, Blackout, Blisagorn Demogordon, Brain Damage, Crater, Cyclones, Dark Elf, Electro Sun, Fat Data, Fitalic, Gaudium, Gorump Peyya, Inner Sound, Intersys, JellyHeadz, Kohra, Mahamudra, Michele Adamson, Noize Gust, Orestis, Para Halu, Psychoz, Silent Scream, Syntrax, System Failure, Toxical, True Lies, Ultravoice, Vibrasphere, Virtual Moon, White Wizard :

If you want to see them or just listen to the samples, you can go to: