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Title: Spacer get out his tracks btw 2002 - 2004 (unrl)
Post by: spacer on 11 November 2005 à 09:41:25
This cd presents experimental psytrance tracks composed by spacer as summary of tracks on CD composed from year 2002 to 2004.

Collected piece by piece he made this events summarised what happened in the the 3 years.

Spacer is known from compilation Statistikka 2kX records on Pussydelic Trans-mutation, where is his track Bio resonator (2001).

Understand, why compose this music, find yourself in a spirit of meditations,  getting the freedom prepare yourself for deep journey into the world of sound and out of body experiences.

Characterized by 2parts, first of relax with mind relaxed morning stuff and second with lots of groove, real pumping night-time masoX.

more info

New one man project from Czech republic came into ..

Thanks to this creator site for publishing of this info,
all things about made author alone