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Title: Goatracks open now - On line psychedelic trance music store
Post by: goatracks on 27 November 2007 à 10:24:38
Official opening of Goatracks

On line psychedelic trance music store

Welcome in the new world of « Goatracks ».

« Goatracks » was born with the aim of becoming the first virtual library of psychedelic trance music, so that any user can purchase or search music very easily.
The future of the musical sale is linked to the use of Internet, which will become in the next years the ideal complement of all the independent labels and the all artists in order to take advantage without risk, nor investment.
Moreover, that offers an additional means for the artists and the labels to promote themselves.

« Goatracks » designed a single framework of sale to facilitate the access to the labels and the artists according to the contracts of transfer of rights of exploitation of the royalties.
For the labels which hold these rights of exploitation and wish to obtain additional profits without any expenses, nothing simpler than to choose the solution « Goatracks ».
For the artists who did not yield their rights yet or those who are not under contract anymore (tracks too old), they can be finally be discovered or rediscovered via « Goatracks », which will enable them to put all to musical composition of their choice on sale and to obtain benefit on their work of creation.
This contract of transfer of right of exploitation will be concluded within a framework of non exclusive sale, which leaves a total freedom for each protagonist.
For a legibility and a perfect transparency, the profits will be accompanied by a detailed assessment of the sales carried out over the year.

Psychedelic trance music has been existing for many years now and it is time to present and give everyone a musical history. It is the artistic objective of « Goatracks ».
This website is created for all : the passionate, the collectors, the beginners, and finally for all those would like to rediscover or lock further into their musical knowledge, with accessible prices for all budgets.

« Goatracks » offers many advantages for the artists, for the labels as well as for the consumers : saving time and money, offering more safety, comfort, and innovations.

Do not hesitate to contact me by mail : or on the site :

Thank you for your time you granted me. All the best.