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Title: Beyondecliptica - Groove Technologies
Post by: Medusa Records on 29 October 2007 à 13:01:10
Artist: Beyondecliptica
Title: Groove Technologies
Label: Medusa Records (
Format: CD/ Digi Pack
Cat No: MDSA CD005
Release Date:February 2008
Medusa Records proudly presents this solo album of its exclusive and most promising artist Marko Radovanovic (a.k.a. Beyondecliptica).

This talented youngster makes no compromise and here sets new standards in cutting edge music. Nine previously unreleased dance floor anthems that will shake your head, lift your soul and stretch your smile. Powerful simplicity is the entrance to a new musical dimension, the beginning of a new musical journey, a “raveolution” that comes between light and dark dance music based on long bended vibes driven by the groove.

Unleash yourself, free your soul, Vibe On…


Track listing:


1. Nonlinearity
2. Quantum Chaos
3. Meeting Point
4. What's Beyond
5. Gloomy Sunday
6. Pioneer 10
7. Groove Technologies
8. Lunar Effect
9. Crater counting (

Title: Medusa Records - Newsletter
Post by: Medusa Records on 18 February 2008 à 17:20:16
Title: Medusa Records
Post by: Medusa Records on 26 April 2008 à 00:30:02
Hello everybody! We are happy no inform you that the new album of Blanka (Free Flow) is on its way!

        More info soon!