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Title: CD Serpetine Illusions feat Artifakt,Talpa,Barak,Electrypnose,Rubal,Protoculture
Post by: soundkraft records on 06 June 2010 à 15:38:13






Artist: VA
Album: Serpentine Illusions
Label: Soundkraft Records
Catalog: SKRCD001
Format: CD


1. ELECTRYPNOSE - sun burning far away
2. TALPA - hand made dreams
3. RUBAL - ayesha
4. BARAK - a netherworld order
5. PROTOCULTURE - more directions
6. ARTIFAKT - neocon
7. RUBAL - elementary my dear watson
9. FAREBI JALEBI - 13 khabs
10. BUSTER GROOVE - a-scene

Mastering by Electrypnose
Artwork by Pierre Meneaud
Distribution by Saiko Sounds

Release notes:

A loving surrender of the serpentine lie, and all illusions that spring from it. To face the shining reality of each one's inner space, present here, now. Soundkraft Records explores into the magical serpentine like illusions of such inner space. A repertoire of your favourite artists that have incorporated the colours and the darkness of the serpent into their serene musical expression.

preview and purchase your copy here :

Music Samples and Artwork from the CD :;jsessionid=EHBPCPMHMFMC?showDetail=226858

the CD jewel case contains a 4 page booklet , a single tracklist insert for your folders as well as a Serpentine Illusions CD sticker.

Hope you all enjoy listening to this CD as much as we enjoyed compiling it.

Love and positive vibes,

Soundkraft Records