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Title: VA Frames compiled by Hamelin ( SpinTwist.Records)
Post by: digituna on 25 April 2007 à 11:32:26

            V/A Frames compiled by Hamelin

Title:       Frames
Artist:       Various Artists
Label:       Spintwist.Records
Catalogue:    ST1CD010
Format:    CD
Release:    April 2007 / Distributed by


1.D-Fusion      -   Human Sense               
2.Jey & Ex      -   Music in  Excess      
3.Ski Fi         -   New Beginning         
4.Sensifeel      -   Whisper            
5.Mute          -   Searching 4            
6.Vaishiyas        -   Trika               
7.Hamelin & Act Sense   -   Frames         
8.Buttersonic      -   Ear Peaks            
9.Feuerhake      -   Movie Rave (Aerospace Rmx)

Compiled by Dj Hamelin

Here comes Spin Twist newest compilation 'Frames'.

It's compiled by the Mexican musician Hamelin, well known by his huge success with his involvement in the project Xibalba and his releases featured on labels like Blue Tunes, Planet B.E.N., Synergetic, Solarsiv, Sinn Tec and of course Spin Twist Records.

On 'Frames' he has compiled an international mix of artists. From Israel, Aerospace remixing Feuerhake as well as the three promising projects D-Fusion (Ananda Shake's side project), Mute and Buttersonic. Representing France is Sensifeel. From Germany is Spin Twists labelmanager Vaishiyas, and from Mexico Jay and Ex, Ski Fi, and of course, Hamelin himself

Another super groovy progressive release from Spin Twist Records - enjoy!

Style: Progress Trance