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Title: Anonymous Substances
Post by: neurochemistry on 22 July 2015 à 12:59:30
Trouvé sur le forum anglophone ;),24134.0.html

Un très beau travail qui sera présent au festival OZORA cette année... ca promet :

"Installations in the Fluorest
” I discovered and studied Art through photo and video. At the  same time was the discovery of techno culture, underground areas and freeparties, all this offered to me a great ground of game and artistic experiment. Starting to do Vjing I merge different art forms through new type of installations.
Few years later I developped my own style of deco : cuting lycra on frames.
An ultra precise cut and fine as lace, which could be similar to a shape of sculpture-drawing.  Biolive (Switzerland) offered to me the opportnity to show my new project during Timegate 2011. My work wasz really appreciated by the Psytrance Scene, which allows me to work with organizations such : Hadra (FR); World-people (FR), Natural Beat Makerz (FR), Mandala records (FR), Oréades Production (FR)… My art grows up through France, and it is for now time to go out of France : 1st Stop : OZORA 2015.”"