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Title: EP - Patterns - Full Propulsion [Loose Records]
Post by: Loose Records on 22 August 2014 à 16:21:19

Full Propulsion's first EP [Patterns] is out on Loose Records now!

Listen to EP release Set: (

We are surrounded by patterns.
They exist everywhere - in nature, society, our minds, our hearts, space, and of course in music.

Patterns rule our lives.
Some are obvious, others are subtle.
Some are in your face, others are hidden.
Some seem chaotic, others seem orderly.
Some are finite, others are infinite.
Some we are aware of, others we are not.
Some we chose to conform to, others we chose to rebel against.

What patterns did you choose to conform to?

Artist: Full Propulsion
Title: Patterns
Label: Loose EM
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2014/08

Track List:
1. Breaking Patterns
2. New Fountain
3. The Addictive Way

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