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Title: Avant Garade Symphony by Braindrop @ Omveda Records
Post by: psybonsai on 10 June 2013 à 08:49:31
Omveda Records presents Avant Garade Symphony by Braindrop (

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Title   : Avant Garade Symphony
Artist  : Braindrop
Label  : Omveda Records
Genre : Psytrance : Full On Night
Format : Digital : Wave/Mp3

Tracklist :
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Release Note : Enriched with a musical background of over 15 years here comes his latest offering which showcases an eclectic selection of avant grade sounds with the all classic psychedelic touch. Drawing influences from IDM and cinematic sounds here comes a unique album, filled with metallic textures, futuristic percussions, haunting atmospheres and razor sharp leads. Armed with an infectious vibe, and having been successfully tested on numerous dance-floors worldwide we hope that you will enjoy the vision of this eclectic musician.

Braindrop is the psytrance project of Sumith Suresh, a versatile music producer & one of India's most popular exports to the trance world. Since his debut in 2005 he has extensively performed throughout India, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia at various clubs and festivals. With a penchant for ever evolving sounds, his productions are a blend of futuristic sounds with an organic touch and his live performances are one's that never leave your memory.
He is also the owner of Occulta Records Group (Occulta,Omveda,Occultech), 3 labels well known for putting out cutting-edge psychedelic electronic music and events.

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