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Title: VA - Tribal Mechanics, Basic Algorithm Records
Post by: BasicAlgorithmRec on 06 July 2012 à 06:58:25
Artist: VA
Title: Tribal Mechanics
Label: Basic Algorithm Records
Format: CD
Release: 2012, coming soon
Catalog: BARCD0001


01 Chris Rich - Looking Slightly Demented
02 Nomad 25 & Insane Creatures - Nomadic Creatures
03 Cream Corp - Dancing Forest
04 Primordial Ooze & Tangled Lysergic Puddles - Splintered Splatters
05 Nomad 25 - Bioengineered
06 Skyhigh Pirates - Tribal Mechanics
07 Asimilon & Synthetik Chaos - Started Freaking Out
08 Dirty Saffi - Freako
09 Phase - Don Tom
10 Glooex - Again

Welcome to the Basic Algorithm audio dimension. We proudly present our debut sonic voyage “Tribal Mechanic” dedicated to crazy dusty nomads all over the word. Our crew carefully transferred it's deep knowledge of the trance scene into these beautifully packed selection of 10 cutting edge full power tracks by different international artist for your ultimate pleasure. Flowing one into another each track tells it's own tribal story in a dance music form with a strong psychedelic touch and good feeling inside. Stories about eternity, transcendence and similarity of all spiritual beings of Mother Earth. Basic algorithms of life and joy will always be the same and we are happy to share this blasting, emotional and dynamic journey through the sound worldwide. Join it if you can!

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Title: Re: VA - Tribal Mechanics, Basic Algorithm Records - coming soon!
Post by: BasicAlgorithmRec on 16 November 2012 à 12:10:52
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