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Title: Scared Evil Rec : Hysterixx - Taken Out Of Context EP
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EP - Hysterixx - Taken Out Of Context (SER006) 2010

ID: SER006
Artist: Hysterixx
Name: Taken Out Of Context
Label: Scared Evil Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance, Psycore
Date: May 18, 2010
Format: FLAC, WAV, MP3 (192-320kbps)
Length: 26:52

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Hysterixx  is Christian Niew√∂hner, an DJ and Producer from Hamburg, Northern Germany. he started as DJ on some different partys and Festivals in 1996. In 2007 he started the live Project "Hysterixx". Hysterixx's sound is characterized by the new high tech psytrance and influenced by his daily life, deep trips and partys ...
His way to produce tracks is combining High Tech Sounds, Surreal Atmospheres with driving kicks and basslines, freaky drum sessions and crazy synths.

In 2008 "Hysterixx" had his first release followed by 3 further tracks on some different VA's up to his debut EP "Taken Out Of Context" on Scared Evil Records.

01-Hysterixx - Taken Out Of Context... (6:20) - 160bpm
02-Hysterixx - Mind Dream Error... (6:48) - 160bpm
03-Hysterixx - Master Bastard... (7:38) - 170bpm
04-Hysterixx - Radio Dis-Funktion... (6:06) - 170bpm

Previews: (

All tracks written and produced by: Christian Niewöhner aka Hysterixx, Germany.
Mastering: Akes, Portugal.
Cover Artwork by: Melan Wastage, Germany.
Digital Distribution: DistElectronic (

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