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Title: DP Distribution_ *EP The Down Tempo Machine_Deep Noise. ¨Out Now¨
Post by: Dinsha Prana recs on 15 April 2010 à 11:38:34
DP Distribution is proudly to present_ EP The Down Tempo Machine by DEEP NOISE.
Deep progressive beats and bass lines, dark riffs and hooks, clicking percussion and
deep atmospheres.
This Hypnotic progressive masterpiece hits on all the best elements of IDM to create
something yet dissonat, edgy but smooth. Compact and compressed full of pressure,
floating and expansive.
One more time DEEP NOISE clash together with tripping sounds and broad atmospheres,
the perfect experession of a new Psytrance performance on dance floors. Only through
DP Distribution.

Tracklist :

1 Next Step
2 Systems
3 Down Tempo Machine
4 Brain Off

Out Now in :

*Itunes Worldwide
*Juno Dowload
*Beats Digital
*Dj Download... and many more.

More info :

www. myspace. com/ dno insulte pleaseistribution
www. myspace. com/ deepnoiselive

Follow us : insulte pleaseistribution

If you would love to publish your own music through the most important digital
distribution, contact with us. Dont Wait to Show Your Music to the World !!!! Send
your demos to the following mail :

dp_ distribution@

DP Distribution