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Title: V/A PsyShark Vibes 5 (2010) (PsyShark Records)
Post by: music-mushroom on 02 April 2011 à 20:05:53

Artist : V/A
Format : Digital
Genere : Psytrance
Title : PsyShark Vibes 5
Label : PsyShark Records
Cover Artwork : (Switzerland)
Release Date: 19 DEC 2010
Catalogue Number : PSHCD008


01.Didrapest vs Planet Ben - Chemical Noise

02.Dual Barrel  - Mood (de)Stabilizer

03.Synesthesia  - Dreams Making Machine

04.Gothica  - Small Moves

05.Z-Cat feat DuBass  - The Program of Fate

06.Magneto  - Manga

07.Cortex Vs Jaws Underground Vs Twisted Nature  - Elastic Reality

08.Tetrium Vs Color Space  - Cipsir

09.NoizePulse  Disastre Recovery

10.PsyShark  - XTC (PsyShark Remix v3.0)

Compilation Info:
Life is too short and there is many beautiful things in this Mysterious Universe !
One of those Magical things are the human made Musical Creations that are influenced by this Amazing Mystery !
PsyShark Vibes 5 , is a collection of wonderful & genius psychedelic musical arts!
PsyShark has spent lots of time collecting for those of you who has real Psychedelic minds best of the top creations in this planet !
So many magical tracks , powerful , psychedelic , and super energetic that will burn any dance-floor & shake any place you live in !
The days & nights that PsyShark has invested in making this one done by searching patiently through hundreds of tracks are unusual but deserve each moment !
All of this done in order to give you another PsyShark Vibes sonic bomb that will blow your mind to million Pieces & continue this series path successfully !
PsyShark believe that the mission was completed successfully and has delivered to you another unique selection to PsyShark Vibes series only !
Enjoy Another PsyShark Records Release !

Availabel at:



PsyShark Records official website:

Enjoy !

Sharks Team