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Title: Temple twister Recs presents v.a Zoomorphic Rituals out now
Post by: Temple Twister Recs on 16 March 2011 à 14:31:37
Out now V.A Zoomorphic Rituals - Temple twisters recs

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Modern day life is turning us into machines,pampered and programmed ,sucking us into a vortex of reformed versions of dictatorship and controlled freedom.
No different from a circus animal with many ringmasters controlling our choices and movements .

The Beast in one's self surfaces from time to time , bringing out the some hidden basic instincts we nurture throughout the years.

Zoomorphic Rituals is a 9 track ritual which acts as a catalyst to bring out the organic roars we often hear in our heads.
Psychedelic , Organic , Bone-Crushing compositions from the refined studios of the temple -twisting Crew and its friends .
Time to unleash the animal .

V.A - Zoomorphic Rituals :

1.Flipknot & Fuzulu - Zoomorphic Ritual

2.Distorted Goblin - Frost Fear

3.Sychotria - Reanimation Sequence

4.Claw - Unlocked Mysteries

5.Fuzulu vs Freeaatmah - Checkout time

6.Sator Arepo - Traffic Tetris

7.Insector - Black light

8.Kerosene Club vs Drope - Insect Invasion

9.Shiva Dynamo - Sunny Deol Gone Wild

outro - Mystic Mutants