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Psy Art and graphics / Re: Uggagula online shop. Psy-Fashion Party Clothing Shop
« Last post by Hazel on 13 April 2017 à 09:13:00 »
I think that if you are interested in online shopping and want to buy then you should check the payment methods also before you shop as online shopping in pakistan is increasing gradually
To those who missed it! 2 weeks ago Suntrip Records released the second part of Mindspheres trilogy called Mindream. It is an amazing space ambient album, filled with warm atmospheres and oriental soundscapes! As this is a limited release, only available directly from Suntrip Records or bandcamp!
Off Topic, Bon plan, transport / ACRYLICS
« Last post by richardwalter on 25 March 2017 à 06:54:07 »
My name is edward, has anybody got any ideas of how to stop acrylic paints drying out to quick,i feel as if i have to do my paintings to quick?
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« Last post by richardwalter on 25 March 2017 à 06:50:01 »
Are there any online courses for managing an arts business through social media sites. I have found the strategies of uploading and promoting very complex?

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Music Making / Some questions about audio in games, music, and movies
« Last post by richardwalter on 25 March 2017 à 06:44:56 »
1. Should you use 44.1 kHz/16 bit sound for games, or 44.1 kHz/24 bit sound? Or maybe 48 kHz?
2. 48 kHz/16 bit sound for movies?
3. Lastly, 48 kHz/24 bit sound for mp3, right?


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Except subjects or good plan, transportation / GUN : SELF DEFENCE
« Last post by richardwalter on 24 March 2017 à 13:12:41 »
I have an important question I would like you to think about.
I want to propose this concerning the use of an AR-15 type rifle as a Personnel Defense Weapon (no insulte pleaseW) and not an Assault Weapon. One aspect during all of the debates I have been hearing and watching during the past few weeks has overlooked one vitally important reason to not infringe upon our Americans citizens second amendment right to keep and bear arms is the defense of our American way of life.

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Psy Art and graphics / 3D GRAPHICS
« Last post by richardwalter on 24 March 2017 à 13:09:41 »
what is 3d animation?
What is 3d in comno insulte pleaser graphics?
What is the meaning of 3d object?
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Music Making / What is your favorite film score?
« Last post by richardwalter on 24 March 2017 à 13:03:47 »
So what is/are your favorite film score(s)?
Are they original compositions commissioned for the film? Or an anthology of masterworks already composed for reasons outside of the film like 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Is your favorite score a jazz composition? Classical chamber or orchestra works? Something else?

Can and do you listen to film scores outside of their movie context?

Here is an example of one of my favorite scores:
The score for Princess Mononoke by Joe Hisaishi
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::Selective Mood & Nocturnes Creatures::
-----------------Damaru Records----------------

Natural Displacement is the Debut - Physical Album release from Selective Mood and Nocturnes Creatures. In the end of summer 2015 they started to work on a tracklist which can really be united in one concept:
Because all of them have dedicated their lives to spend everyday in the studio, in front of displays, making weird noises, they tried to show up how controverse that is, with the reason their music actually is about: To connect again, with one self and especially the roots that society has lost over the long process of industrialisation, the Nature.
With that in the back of their heads they came up with a nine track Album which should give you an imagination of how far the displacement from nature has affected the way we live and the way we create. Upon all of that, the album doesnt miss any of the charm, both of the two projects have to offer. Heavy sounding basses, squelshing and rythmic leads and dark atmospheres.
So be prepared for one of the most exciting releases of 2017.


01.) Selective Mood - Natural Displacement (160)
02.) Selective Mood & Nocturnes creatures - No Excuses (163)
03.) Nocturnes Creatures - Graduelle Verhaltensaenderung (165)
04.) Nocturnes Creatures & Selective Mood - Man vs. Nature(167)
05.) Selective Mood - Ultra Spiritual (170)
06.) Selective Mood & Nocturnes Creatures - Colourless (175)
07.) Nocturnes Creatures & Selective Mood - Humanity (180)
08.) Nocturnes Creatures - Bleeding Edge (185)
09.) Selective Mood & Nocturnes Creatures - Tree People (188)

Released by Damaru Records
Mastered by Lars Antagon
Artwork Design by Jonathan Pastor J

Music Produced by:
Timm Kipcak
Laurenz Szaal
Christian Ausserer

Music Produced at:
Nocturne's CreaturesStudios // Vienna
Selective MoodStudios // Graz

The Album will be available on every platform like psyshop/goashop

Stay Tuned!

-------------SELECTIVE MOOD---------------
-----------Artist Information- -----------

is a bright and young collaboration, between Timm Kipcak and Marc Schori, from Graz, Austria. This project took formation in 2013, where they have secretly been working on a sound that really grabs the listeners on the dance floor. Experience the new taste with huge bass lines and flowing melodic atmospheres, which all together commences a very interesting chain of thoughts. In 2008, they started attending music festivals, which has clearly given them the true sense of inspiration. After coming across friends that had the same length of thoughts as them, they finally decided to collaborate and get the heavy bass sounding tunes started in 2013. After accomplishing an astonishing live set, the pair have now started gaining great reputation from the psychedelic scene around the globe.A live set by Selective Mood includes everything from heavy sounding bass lines, along with squelchy melodic atmospheres which will truly take you on a side track from your present mindset, no matter what selected mood you are in at that particular time and moment. Expect leads that will blow your mind inside out, and ideas that will make you take off the ground. This music will give you an idea of how high they have raised an expectation bar for themselves and others.

-------------NOCTURNES CREATURES---------------
-----------Artist Information- -----------

Nocturnes Creatures is a new project from Laurenz Szaal & Christian Ausserer! The two young producers are based in Austria and grew up just near to Vienna. After they met each other on different psychedelic parties and festivals they started to organize, together with some friends from Vienna under the name „Psygsichta". Out of that and after sharing some time together they noticed that their love for psychedelic music where one of their strongest bonds. Laurenz had a little knowledge about how to use programs for making music and shared everything with Chris, so they had the possibility to evolve into a good team and even better friends. In 2013 they started to combine their forces to form a dark psychedelic project wich is influenced by fast,rhythmic and quality orientated psychedelic music. They released their first EP “Nocturnal Wonderland”, in mid-November. Since then they played on various festivals in Europe and evolved to respected artists in the Scene.

Stay TUNED!!
Where to find internship for Comno insulte pleaser Graphics and Designing ?
I am pursuing my graduation and looking for internships, I like Comno insulte pleaser Graphics and Designing and want to find and internships in that field. Where do you find posted internships for Infographic Video Cost?
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