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Started by organikmedia, 17 October 2009 à 19:49:44

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Organik Media are proud to present their newest compilation, Classical Distortions. Cape Town based DJ PsyGuy, brings together a collection of South Africa's hottest psy-trance talents with other artists from around the world.

Although psychedelic trance is at the cutting edge of music today, some of its roots date back centuries to an age where music and mathematics resulted in symphonic masterpieces that are still performed today. This collection of tracks takes inspiration from those days as it fuses classical music with cutting edge psychedelic trance.

This album is made as a non-profit initiative. All proceeds go to Equal Education - fixing South Africa's poorest schools. Thanks to all the artists that wrote their tracks for free. You can support the cause by buying the album rather than copying it.

Tickets gets the ball rolling with an experimental down-tempo psybreaks track. Psy-techno legends Principles of Flight team up with Phonic Request to create hard hitting tech trance power track scattered with studio recorded classical piano melodies. EMP and Deleriant, two of Cape Town's hottest up and coming talents create blissed-out full-on evening tracks with symphonic violins and string instruments that will shake dance-floors worldwide. Zion Linguist takes inspiration from Grieg's morning mood to create a twisted night time track. Guitar-trance legend Parana beautifully remixes Bach's Sonata using both classical acoustic and driving electric guitars. Cybernetix turn Chemogen's classical psy tune into a stomping symphony. Solar Axis presents a staggering 10-minute sunrise track with huge bass-lines. ON drive it home with an epic new take on the often remixed Requiem for a Dream. Artifakt pays homage to Vangelis with an abstract progressive tune inspired by Blade Runner.

You have to hear this album to believe it. These 10 dance-floor focussed tracks speak to the brain as they move the body and take the soul to a new dimension in sound.

Track list:

01 - Tickets - E'naxx (Intro)
02 - Principles of Flight Vs Phonic Request - No Sense
03 - EMP - The Wreckoning
04 - Deliriant - Blackout
05 - Zion Linguist - Toy With Your Mind
06 - Chemogen - My First Chemistry Set (Cybernetix Rmx)
07 - Parana - Toccota Infuzued
08 - Solar Axis - Know What I Mean
09 - On - The Dream
10 - Artifakt - The Runner

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