Dark Whisper - Psychedelic Adventures CD EP (Active Meditation Music)

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Dark Whisper - Psychedelic Adventures CD EP (Active Meditation Music)

Artist : Dark Whisper
Title : Psychedelic Adventure
Coverartwork : Der Lustige Astronaut (Austria)
Genre : Psychedelic
Format : Jewel Case, WAV(Flac),Mp3
Length : 41:43
Releasedate : Coming Soon
Mastering : Random (USA)


Dark Whisper is one of the projects of Manuel Bellini. He get in touch with psychedelic music 1998 in Thailand together with his family.
In the year 1999 he started to learn instruments like bass guitar, percussions and various strange instruments.
He found the organisation ALICE.D PROD. and organize a couple of party around Italy and Germany under this name.
In the year 2004 he started with DJing. Producing psychedelic music he started backin the year 2006, with a simple PC and headphones.
After he stock up his equipment with sinths, and various stuff. At that time he produced a stile of twisted psychedelic sound influenced by many cultures of the world mixed with analoge instruemnts that he collected while travelling around the globe.
In the tracks you will find stories from the madness of our world, mostly politics, unnessesary wars, this sick system where we live into and the huge destruction of the mother nature in a deep, revolutionary, highpsychedelic atmosphere with always brain shaking rhythms and body dancing percussions.
The style of DARK WHISPER music dont have BPM limits In the Moment he is member of the Record Labels of Anormalistic Records (USA), Mind Expansion Records (GERMANY) , Shaman Films Media (USA) , Helico Sound System Records (GREECE) , Active Meditation (MACEDONIA) Alche Magik Media (USA) and the Head of Alice.-D Production.
He have one solo Dub Project, two psychelics projects: WHIT SATOR AREPO - Germany (Cop Killaz) and AUDIODIDAKT - Israel (Haunted Existenz).

Release Description:

Welcome to the hypnotic world of Dark Whisper, who introduce you his second EP called "Psychedelic Adventure".
4 tracks (including intro)wich will blast your minds and shake your souls.
The universe is a dance, alive with holy energy that brings forth and engages all things in rhythmic relationship --
stars and galaxies, suns and planets, winds, waters, and humans -- all in one grand harmonious dance!
Each of us is a dancer in this cosmic dance. Each being, each human alive today is here to participate in the creative adventure that is the universe.
There can be no spectators. Some deep longing -- each one's unique gift, a passion for belonging, our dream for a world of love and unity --
is urging us to get up and dance! Welcome to this cosmic creation!!


1.Dark Whisper - Walk on... 135bpm

2.Dark Whisper - Sponge Bong 159bpm

3.Dark Whisper - Jungletek 160bpm

4.Dark Whisper - Psychedelic adventures 170bpm

5.Dark Whisper - Psychedelic Instinct 175bpm

All tracks written & produced by: Manuel Bellini aka Dark WHisper

Thanx for support to
Demoniac Insomniac, Dj Ant, Lustige Astronaut, Goa Gil, Mutaro, Joshi, Sator Arepo,
Equmah, Namuani, Gina, Gianni, Jenny ... and the Freaks that buying This CD!

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you can buy the disc here:


or download the tracks in wav quality:

http://www.distelectronic.com/index.php?album/Psychedelic+Adventure+%28MP3+320%29/ ;          

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