THE FUTURE SOUND OF PARA HALU * Double Album * Psylife Music 2009

Started by sue, 31 August 2009 à 12:37:10

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We are happy to announce the new artist album of Adam Hohmann aka Para Halu, who has been working on this material for more than a year. As it slowly became more than 150 minutes of music Adam decided to release a double CD.

Artist: Para Halu
Title: The Future Sound of Para Halu
Label: Psylife Music
Format: 2xCD, Digital
Catalogue Number: PSL2CD003
Release Date: 2009 September


Para Halu is back with a mesmerizing psychedelic trip to the Deepest. The new double CD release comes with fresh tunes and exclusive remixes made of Digital Talk, Kindzadza and Penta tracks as well as two beautiful downtempo journeys.
While others are still influenced by his earlier works Adam Hohmann is pushing the boundaries even further to take intelligent energetic psytrance to the next level. Inspiring psychedelic electronica meets classical instruments and tribal elements here and there, an extremely fine detailed cosmic orchestra hybridized with intense dance music and crystal clear audio production. Many years of experience in music creation and playing live all around the globe gave birth to a mature collection of tunes keeping an astounding balance between dark and light, hard and smooth, wild and peaceful. This music can be played anytime during the night or day to activate ancient forces and power mind and body.


Disc 1:

1. Forgotten Futurist
2. Multiprocess
3. In Nomine 2013
4. Soha Ne Mondd
5. Big Trees Talk, Old Trees Walk part 1
6. Big Trees Talk, Old Trees Walk part 2
7. Kindzadza - Spirit Of The Wind (Para Halu RMX)
8. Big Trees Talk, Old Trees Walk part 3

Disc 2:

1. Forgotten Futurist (Live Mix)
2. Interstellar
3. Penta - Fear (Para Halu RMX)
4. Sudoku (Album Edit)
5. Tempo Anpassen (The Path RMX)
6. Digital Talk - The Keeper (Para Halu RMX)
7. Rio Do Inferno
8. A Week Of Sundays

Audio Clips:


Coming real soon to the CD shops and digital download stores!

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