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Vaktun - Memories of Hidden Paradise  " geocd057 ( / Morningstar / Geo Mexico)

Title:      Memories of Hidden Paradise     
Artist:      Vaktun   
Label:      Morningstar/   
Catalogue:   GEOCD057   
Format:      2-Panel Jewel Case Audio CD   
Barcode:   881034501271   
Release:   September 2010 World Wide   


1.- Vaktun vs Fractal Sound - Funky Monkeys
2.- Vaktun vs Mind Controller vs Isoe - Stuck In Mind
3.- Vaktun - Granulizer Love
4.- Khperi Duo - You (Vaktun vs Mind Controller Rmx)
5.- Vaktun vs Fractal Sound - Spider Check
6.- Vaktun vs Mind Controller - Another Day In Monterrey
7.- Vaktun vs Isoe vs Microsonic - Derrochando Style
8.- Vaktun vs Final Impulses - The Audio Resonance
9.- Vaktun vs Mind Controller vs Answer - UFO Attack
10.-Beat Hackers & Michele Adamson - When The Lights Go On (Vaktun vs Fractal Sound Rmx)

BONUS TRACK: (for digital download only)
11 - Vaktun vs Xochitl - DFM


Vaktun & Geomagnetic-Mexico proudly presents this cutting edge debut album fresh from the festival party scene of Mexico, one of the worlds leading full on psytrance countries. Get ready for an offering of fresh sounds featuring wicked new collaborations with all the hottest new artists of the Mexican Trance psychedelic underground like Isoe, Khepri Duo, Xochitl & Final Impulses. Memories of Hidden Paradise is a well balanced variety of pioneering new producers as well as plenty of experienced dance floor masters such as Mind Controller, Beat Hackers, Michele Adamson and Fractal Sound presenting high quality and memorable sweat fuelled mind body expansive destinations to enhance your trance dancing experience! Join us for a remarkable journey into the magic, mystery and splendour of the ancient future prophecy’s foretold aeons ago by our ancestors that the day would come quite soon for all our hidden powers to blossom forth giving humanity the power to once more attain enlightenment, harmony and peace while massively raging on the dance floor!

Trackes  Written by::
1.- Pablo Candelaria & Everardo Robles
2.- Pablo Candelaria & Alex Fonzeca & Isoe Talavera
3.- Pablo Candelaria
4.- Ricardo Cain & Danielle Borges Remix By Pablo Candelaria & Alex Fonzeca
5.- Pablo Candelaria & Everardo Robles
6.- Pablo Candelaria & Alex Fonzeca
7.- Pablo Candelaria & Isoe Talavera & Werner Franz
8.- Pablo Candelaria & Javier Sainz
9.- Pablo Candelaria & Alex Fonzeca & Miguel Valle
10.-Guy Peled & Michele Adamson Rmx By Pablo Candelaria & Everardo Robles
11.-Pablo Candelaria & Jose Xochipa

All Tracks 145
Except  track 1 @ 140 & track 9 @ 146

Artist Profile:   

Label Profiles:

GEO-MEXICO (Geomagnetic label family), offering the most cutting edge sounds from the hottest new artists of the Mexican Trance psychedelic underground. We embrace music for the night and day, GEO-Mexico offers a well balanced variety of pioneering producers presenting high quality and memorable hits to enhance your trance dancing experience!

Morningstar is a subdivision of Geomagnetic Records. Uplifting, melodic, full-on, progressive and perfect for those ecstatic moments of sunshine and awakening, the Morningstar label knows you want to be carried on a cloud of feel-good grooviness as you welcome the morning light! was established in the summer of 2001. Their first major international release is the legendary DVD project “MAGNUS” geodvd001. Since then the label has grown into a full fledged major electronic music and media label. Based in San Francisco and focusing mostly on music and visual related projects, you can expect to see lots more cutting edge releases on the way from this award winning crew! was started by Spook one of the founders of the prominent San Francisco 3D FX and Multimedia boutique known as Minds Eye Media (est.1995). 

Art: Doctor Spook & Shanti Baba
Distribution: / Ingrooves /
Mixed & Master By Vaktun@Dirty Music Studio
(p) & © / Morningstar Rec / Geo Mexico ;
http://soundcloud/geocd057  for full mp3 Samples online. | booking:


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