Liquid Move - Monster Inside EP (Stalactite Records) - OUT NOW !!

Started by TriskelePR, 25 November 2010 à 17:37:28

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Liquid Move - Monster Inside (Stalactite Records)

OUT NOW !!!!!

Eli has studied and performed with different instruments in various groups from a young age. Trained as a drummer he later continued with studies of guitar and classical piano. Eli graduated from the Harris Institute for the Arts in Toronto, Canada from the Production and Engineering program in 2006 and went on to work with various artists in the studio as an assistant engineer and as an engineer.

Eli started to play in different electronic parties as a Dj while working in the studio to create his own sound and the project of Liquid Move was born. Nowadays he is based in Barcelona, Spain and working on the up and coming debut album "Cause of Random". Liquid Move is a project based on original sound design and dance floor breaking beats threading the time line through melodic composition and original sound design. Designed to move the dance floor Liquid Move is described as psychedelic trance of the "Goa" or "Full on" streams. The debut release of this project is also the debut release of Stalactite Records, the EP "Monster Inside" released 22 October 2010

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CD track listing:

01. Monster Inside
02. i Preset
03. Active 8




Liquid Move - Cause Of Random
Release Date : Jan 2011

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