V.A.Beach Atmosphere Out now !!! (IONO MUSIC)

Started by gerrard, 05 November 2010 à 09:05:37

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DJ Jensson is a friend and supporter of IONO Music from the beginning-
even when he has made himself a good name long before the label started.

Known as beeing one of those rare djs who amaze the audience with
perfect mixing skills and by having the right touch for the music in the
right time, Jensson  has become a regular name on the line-up of almost
every major trance festival like Fusion Festival in Germany or the
famous Urban Art Festival in Austria.

With his track collection on 'Beach Atmosphere' he is now demonstrating his abilities.
Tracks from the global hot spots of trance. So open your mind to receive another
musical sunbeams which delight your senses, sent to you by highly notable artists
of today who know how to tickle your mind.


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