Psychedelic Circus OA Festival 2009 | 05.06. - 08.06.2009 | Germany

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Psychedelic Circus OA Festival 2009 | Fr, 05. Jun. 09, 22:00h - Mo, 08. Jun. 09, 12:00h

You might know that feeling quite well: After the cold and grey winter in Central Europe you get really keen on some great festival. Clubbing is just not the same as listening to music that is not reflected by any walls,breathing the fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin and watching the sunrise while dancing

Just in the beginning of summer, Psychedelic Circus is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your festival hunger and have a wicked kick-off for the outdoor season. Being a big, international event on the one hand but still kind of familiar on the other, it combines an excellent and varied lineup and high-class infrastructure with a really great atmosphere. The musical bandwidth will cover all the different styles of nowadays Trance scene: Massive Progressive Trance from acts like Ace Ventura, Klopfgeister or highly rated newcomer Phaxe and driving Full On by Rumble Pack, Optokoppler or CPU to name just a few. As a special there will be a Dark Floor for all those who like it deep and dirty. According to its name, Psychedelic Circus delivers you complete entertainment, not only great stuff for your ears but also for your eyes: The promoter always cares for some very sophisticated decoration and lighting, which will be specially designed for the festival!

Dont care what other people tell you- summer starts at 5th June on a field near Strohkirchen!


Ace Ventura ( Iboga/Israel )
Audiomatic ( Spwin Twist/Ger.)
CPU ( Nutek rec./Swiss )
Dualism & Meeloo ( Blue Tunes rec./Swiss )
Klopfgeister ( Iono rec./Ger.)
Kularis ( Spin Twist rec./Ger.)
Moontales ( Shambala )
Magoon ( Amplidudes/Y.S.E./Ger.)
Motion Drive ( Iboga rec./Swiss )
Optokoppler ( Amplidudes/Y.S.E./Ger.)
Phaxe ( Iono rec./Denmark )
Psytrain ( Amplidudes/Millennium/Ger.)
Rumble Pack ( Iboga rec./ Swiss )
Schatzhauser ( Multiplex rec./Ger.)
Solano ( Spin Twist rec./Swiss )
Time in Motion ( Iono rec./Denmark )
Whicked Hayo ( Night Oracle/Belgium )


Ace Ventura ( Iboga Rec./Israel )
Benni & Marco Moon ( Spin Twist/Ger.)
Daksinamurti ( Shiva Space Technology/Ger.)
Dj`s Arkadius & Li`lMomo ( Planet b.e.n. rec./Ger.)
EGO 2.3 (Bio-Sine records/Sweden)
Espark ( Denmark )
Gandalf ( November Ritual/Ger.)
Intellifex ( Spin twist/Ger.)
Johan & Manes ( Y.S.E./Ger.)
Klopfgeister DJ set ( Iono/Ger.)
Koszki ( Blue Tunes/Ger.)
Mape ( Slackjoint/Amplidudes/Ger.)
Mahakala ( Multiplex rec.)
Montagu & Golkonda ( Blue Tunes/Ger.)
Ryder ( Virus Teek/Denmark )
Scotty ( Vuuv/Ger.)
Shawnodese ( Doof Rec./Ger.)
Skunkbeat ( Chaishop/Ger.)
Syncron ( Indian Spirit/Ger.)
Psytrixx ( Nutek/Ger.)
Whicked Hayo ( Night Oracle/Belgium )
Wedanta ( Nutek/Ger.)
Zosma ( Spin Twist/Ger.)

Dark Floor:


Psytronic ( Multiplex-rec./Ger.)


Algiz ( Multiplex-rec./Ger.)
Chesper ( Lunaoptics/Ger.)
Chinaski ( Psydonym Media/Ger.)
Marok ( Dark Magic Story/Ger.)
Neuronom ( Marburg Virus/Ger.)
Rypzylon ( Multiplex-rec./Ger.)
Mahakala ( Multiplex rec.)


Partyprojekt Odyssee


Laserbeams Company (Outerspace)
Avalon Gnoms



08.02. - 08.03.2009: 25 ,
09.03. - 10.04.2009: 30 ,
11.04. - 01.06.2009: 35 ,
At the gate 40 ,

Buy tickets online:

Location: Strohkirchen - Northern Germany

Psychedelic Circus OA Festival 2009 | 05.06. - 08.06.2009 | Germany

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