Hand painting and hand crafting the freeform human album

Started by freeform, 07 April 2009 à 03:16:42

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Handcracfting The Freeform Human Album

Well, handcrafting the albums has been a blast! we have made them enirely from, scratch. Starting off with recycled cardboard, cutting out templates, scoring, then painting, glueing, folding and so on..

The funnest bit was definently the painting session, also known at Chromefest 2009. One sunny arfteroon we got out the spray cans in jasons backyard and went crazy with them. Really happy with the result, lots of different designs and i like them all.

Next up is placing the Cd and booklet in there then the bands logo sticker on the front.

Album is definently on track for 1st May release and will be distributed by Saikosounds or directly from http://www.freeformhuman.com if you want a lower hand signed number.

Featuring a 90 minute trance fusion extraveganza! check it. Download the Megamix Here!


aaaaaaaaaaand... here is the finished product under UV lights (can look quite different depengin on lighting.. quite psychedelic!)

Out now @ www.freeformhuman.com and Saikosounds very soon!

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