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Started by active meditation, 11 February 2009 à 04:02:36

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Active Meditation Music Presents:

Malkaviam - Cosmic Riot EP

Artist: Malkaviam
Title: Cosmic Riot
Genre: Dark Psychedelic
Format: Digital: Flac,Wav,Mp3. CD*
Mastering: Jesus Raves
Cover: AMM
Release Date: 23 february

Malkaviam is Frank LLovera from Venezuela. He enters the world of psytrance since 2002 at some partys made on his country and in 2007 he began djing Dark psy and night music.
After some years of collecting music and after his experience as dj he started to create music to express his feelings and trying always to create strong and spiritual trips always looking for new sounds to involve them on his music, promising to bring pure psychedelic madness. He is also into some new collaborations, BRUJOS (Malkaviam + Yara) - OCHOMANO ( Oxidelic + Yara + Malkaviam + Luthien)


01 Malkaviam - U Scary Me

02 Malkaviam - Nocturnal Creepy

03 Malkaviam - Ofuskation

04 Brujos - Earth Of Pleasure





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