Excizen - Massfear LP (smr011) OUT NOW!!!

Started by SoundmuteRec, 26 January 2009 à 23:01:36

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Excizen - Massfear LP (SMR011)

Its about newly started project with admixture of techno, trance, industrial & trip hop sound. Behind this creation is long time known M.Bako aka Man Machine (psychedelic trance project) and Semblances of Life (ambient). Born 1982 in Stara Pazova, Serbia. After enormous listening experience based mostly on electronic music, and many years of DJ-ing, he turns to production and at the very beginning makes a minor success in Britain's higherground show in 2003. For the last nine years, he has been an editor of Ravevox project that is being broadcasted on local radio RSP FM, which deals with techno sound. He is currently working in his Rocktifex studio in Stara Pazova, dedicated to production only, and he also signed for Soundmute Recordings. Excizen will present You one novelty experience from his point of viewing on psychedelic sound in heavy industrial & mechanical beats and abstract down tempo elements of music.
Take it and enjoy it...

Artist......: Excizen (incl. Opsy remix)
Album.......: Massfear LP (album)
Genre.......: Techno - Industrial - Downtempo
Label.......: Soundmute recordings
Catalogue...: SMR011
Tracks......: 09 
Format......: Digital
Mastering: Overslide studio ::: mastering@soundmute-recordings.com
Distribution: Beatport & Junodownload                     
Rls.Date....: February 2009 

Track list:
01. Fiber
02. Crips (Excizen Industria 63 Remix)
03. Lips And Fried Pips
04. Model Elastique
05. Worldboing
06. Beast White BEast
07. Massfear
08. Fiber (Opsy Remix)
09. Sour

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