EP - M.I. - Full Spectral (ICCEP002) 2008

Started by DistElectronic, 13 November 2008 à 07:51:54

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EP - M.I. - Full Spectral (ICCEP002) 2008

Artist: M.I. (Music Inteligent)
Title: Full Spectral
Label: Insane Chaos Circuit Records
Genre: Dark Psychedelic, Psycore
Date: November 12, 2008
Format: FLAC/WAV/MP3
Length: 42:45

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

ICCRecs presents EP - M.I. - FullSpectral, OUT ON 12th of November 2008 .

M.I. is a Portuguese act between 2 artists, João Monteiro and Tiago Carvalho... M.I. means MUSIC INTELIGENT and you sure will find this project very intelligent and interesting with great psychedelic sounds...

Get ready for a trip into dark psychedelic with this ep M.I. - FullSpectral, brought to you by Insane Chaos Circuit Records...


01-M.I. - Dont Know...(7:08) - 155bpm
02-M.I. - Afected Brain...(7:10) - 155bpm
03-M.I. - Atention...(7:16) - 155bpm
04-M.I. - Intelligence Motion...(6:30) - 155bpm
05-M.I. - Speed Racers...(7:02) - 160bpm
06-M.I. - Brain Damage...(7:39) - 160bpm

Previews on Last.fm:

All tracks written and produced by: João Monteiro and Tiago Carvalho.
Distributed by: DistElectronic.

Buy it as a digital download from
DistElectronic (FLAC)
D-A-R-K Records (FLAC)

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More from ICC Records in early December!

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