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Side Liner - One way to Paradise EP (SMR008) next on Soundmute/Ambilght group

Release Info:
Soundmute recordings proudly presents a specialised emotional downtempo ep that can
move "body & soul" from Nick Miamis aka Side Liner,a teaser ep that introduces his new forthcoming
album "Crying Cities" from Cosmicleaf in early 2009.
In that purpose was born 2 top-notch collaborations with Kanc Cover (also known from his participation in Goasia/Opsy) and with Sunhize (2008 winner of Yves Larock & Amstel Pulse remix contest).
Nick Miamis aka Side Liner is also known from his activities as label manager of
Unicorn Music/Cosmicleaf Records and as co-manager of CUT Music label group,he release music since 1998 and his discography includes over than 130 released tracks in 48 cd releases and 3 digital one.Under Side Liner project has released 4 albums so far.
Side Liner's music creations are inspired from life concerns and facts, translating life and dreams in sounds, producing music in purpose for a purpose.
Relax, press play and thik:
"...There are lot of "FOOTPRINTS" to follow in life...but only "ONE WAY TO PARADISE"!
Drop your life's dice and don't give up the sinking ship like mice.
Before do your move think twice, open your "FOLDER OF FEELINGS" and let them rise..."
? Side Liner

Artist: Side Liner
Album: One way to Paradise EP
Genre: Ambient
Label: Soundmute recordings/Ambilight group
Catalogue: SMR008
Tracks: 3
Format: Digital
Distributer: Beat port & Juno download
Release date: November 2008
mastering by Side Liner @ Neverfound Studios / Greece

A1. Side Liner vs Kanc Cover - Footprints
Written & Produced by Nick Miamis/Kanc Cover
Mixed & Mastered by Side Liner @ Neverfound Studios / Greece

A2. Side Liner vs Sunhize - Folder Of Feelings
Written & Produced by Nick Miamis/Mike Petropoulos
Mixed by Sunhize
Mastered by Side Liner @ Neverfound Studios / Greece

B1. Side Liner - One Way To Paradise
Written & Produced by Nick Miamis
Mixed & Mastered by Side Liner @ Neverfound Studios / Greece

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