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Started by lycantrop records, 27 October 2008 à 13:31:09

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lycantrop records

Format: CD
Release: Coming Soon!
Catalog: va_cd001

The Post-Consumer Revolution has begun; a brave new world is forming, where technology

serves nature and balance is the paradigm. A pack of lightly wounded Lycans moves into

the forest, guided by fullmoonlight and well-fed after a foray into the ruins of a once-

great city. Still high from the hunt, with a series of howls they enter an evergreen-

ringed clearing, where the ground pulsates with the slap, slap, slap of powerful

footpads, moving in time to powerful nighttime psychedelic trance.

Following the administration of ritual drops, the Lycan hunters deposit their human

quarry on the dancefloor. Blacklight and moonlight combine to cast an eerie glow over the

clearing. Dynamic and hypnotic, the music pulses: even the trees seem to dance on this

magical night.

Unafraid, the humans discover their inner Lycan, and the pack expands. With Lycans’

Meeting, the TRACKLIST from that memorable night, the Lycans invite you to join the pack:

1. Orestis - Hyper Cube (RMX) 150
2. Dezolator (PsyPeyote) - Wickedsick 150
3. White Wizard - Magnet 150
4. Mubali - Carnival Law 150
5. Muktisvara- Stuck in Trance 150
6. Silent Horror - Witchkraft 152
7. Mind Distortion System - Zeta Talk (Pole Shift) 152
8. Zik - HP Low Gate 152
9. Jellyheadz - Last Cool & Dance 154
10. Already Maged - Dusty Spiders 155


Compiled by : Karim and Nelson

Mastering: Nelson

Artwork: JÜ (http://www.judzign.com)
Artwork will be on http://www.lycantrop-rec.com VERY SOON!

Interested in selling our releases? Please contact us at: LycantropRecordsAdmin@gmail.com





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