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Artist: Twina
Title: Noise Rack
Label: Phonokol
Release Date: 04/2009

Listen to the preview of the album:


1. Twina - Way
2. ITP - The People Are Fucked (Twina remix)
3. Twina - Colors Everywhere
4. Twina - Noise Rack
5. Twina - Have To Know


Twina " Noise Rack [Phonokol Records]


TWINA is Asaf Twina, born in 1979 and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Asaf is a DJ, producer and musician and was also one the two members in Voice Over project.

During their period together as Voice Over, from 2002 till 2006, Twina released his tracks with big labels such as Phonokol Records, Compact Records, Vision Quest and Enigmatic Records.

Twina's music has been rocking dance floors for the last 7 years in Israel, Europe, and the Far East. The unusual guitar lines combined with interesting vocals (by Asaf & others) breaks the normal "full- on" vibe, emphasizing Twina's unique style who's harmonies exceed the genre's typical style.

Twina joined Phonokol Records in 2007. His first single “Zip Code” from the album “VISIONS” was released in October 2007 and the album was released on November 2007. Twina's album received good reviews and established Twina as a prominent artist which is defiantly here to stay.

Nowadays Twina is working vigorously at his 2nd album and is soon releasing a Digital EP titled " NOISE RACK with 5 tasty new tracks, a Sneak a Peak if you like to what we can expect from his upcoming album.

Noise Rack is Twina's new gift to trance lovers all around, You are guaranteed to be taken on a ride with each track, flying on intense melodies

Supported with powerful rhythm section and a lot of musical developments, again displaying his skills as a real musician weaving a psychedelic net of harmonies  that are more absent then ever from current trance music,
Twina is really a specialist that combines his Vass musical skills as both a gifted sound technician and a keyboard and guitar player that knows his trance just as well.

Everyone always has his favorite track on each release but this will be a hard choice for anyone.
For the car, your house and for sure on the dance floor this is a release to be reckoned with.

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